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Sunday, March 31, 2024

Keep Sun Away with Kojie.san SunProtect

Get that lovely glow this summer with Kojie.san SunProtect.

Being under the sun especially for long period of time can greatly damage your skin. But did you know that skin damage can also happen even indoors? This happens you're exposed to UV radiation from the sun or artificial sources with UV lights.

Wrinkles are also related to sun exposure, as well as skin discoloration or spots. Of course, there's also melanoma and various skin cancers. 

With these in mind, using an effective sunscreen is non-negotiable.

Kojie.san SunProtect is a sun care brand powered by revolutionary Radiation Care (RadiCare) technology and has three variants: Kojie.san SunProtect Face SPF50+ PA+++, Kojie.san SunProtect Sport SPF50+ PA+++, and Kojie.san SunProtect Body SPF69+ PA+++. These Kojie.san SunProtect variants are equipped with skin care ingredients, and radiation shield, strong protective barrier against harmful sun and blue light radiation, no matter how short or long your sun exposure is. 

For all-around protection, Kojie.san has SunProtect Body SPF69+ PA+++, that has non-greasy, quick-absorbing and water-resistant formula. 

For daily protecttion, there's Kojie.san SunProtect Face SPF50+ PA+++ that also conveniently works as a makeup base. This is an ideal choice for sunscreen that can shield the face from sun exposure. 

For those who are always on-the-go, there's Kojie.san SunProtect Sports 50 SPF50+ PA++++ as it is resistant to sweat, and has non-greasy, antioxidant defense formula. 

It's best to be prepared and have that effective sun-shield Kojie.san SunProtect.



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