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Wednesday, January 24, 2024

TCL Innovates Viewing Experience with C755 'Ultra Game Master' QD-Mini LED TV

There's no better experience than watching your favorite KDrama on a large TV screen. 

TCL Electronics knows just that and is changing the game when it comes to TV screens. Expect larger screens and a 'bigger than life' experience with TCL C755 'Ultra Game Master' QD-Mini LED TV. 

The TCL C755 'Ultra Game Master' QD-Mini LED TV is the brand's most innovative TV to date. Dubbed as a visual masterpiece that presents astonishingly vivid visuals with lifelike colors and an ultra-high contrast ratio. It also features higher peak brightness, a wider color gamut, a larger screen size, and a longer lifespan, making it a leading-edge display technology. 

Biggest size for the TCL C755 is 98 inches and with over 1,344 dimming zones, the full array of local dimming corrects backlight and image balance, revealing more light and shadow details. Utilizing Quantum Dot technology, the C755 showcases over a billion hues, expanding color volume by up to 96% per the DCI-P3 standard. Thans to HDR 1600 nits, peak brightness ensures vivid visuals in various lighting conditions, even in daylight. 

With its AiPQ Processor 3.0 is the visual powerhouse behind the C755, reproducing vibrant colors, excellent contrast, and crystal clarity akin to the natural world, ensuring you view more detailed images on the screen. Even better if you have it in a larger viewpoint. 

The C755 'Ultra Game Master' will make you experience the Future of Gaming with Game Master 2.0 technology. AMD FreeSync Premium Pro eliminates the choppy gameplay, guaranteeing fluid, artifact-free performance, while HDMI 2.1*4 supports higher resolutions and frame rates. Features like Aiming Aid, variable refresh rate @144Hz, and advanced display/audio tech elevate the gaming experience to meet speed demands. 

ONKYO's 2.0 CH 50W Hi-Fi adds another layer to the experience, delivering captivating stereo sound and thunderous bass. Dolby Atmos provides unprecedented depth and clarity, while DTS VIRTUAL:X enhances sound immersion and realism. 

And with TCL C755, having a bigger screen is better for leisure watching or even only gaming. Sizes comes in 55", 65", 75" or 95" TV Screens. 


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