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Friday, January 5, 2024

NETFLIX REVIEW: My Happy Marriage

I admit I got curious with the title BUT this is definitely not your usual love story. Btw, I am talking about the anime series- 'My Happy Marriage' which is currently on Netflix. 

Being a fan of anime, I was immediately drawn to the lovely artwork. The artwork in this anime series is what I call classic anime that is very visually pleasing. 

I haven't watched a lot of anime recently and this is one is my best discovery so far. My Happy Marriage falls under the Fantasy Genre so you really can't compare the plot to a normal romance genre. But of course, the usual 'love' problems are still there. 

The series begin with Miyo's father treating her indifferently even if he knows that she is being abused by her stepmother. Then she was sent to Kiyoka Kudou for marriage. Kudou has a reputation for being harsh to his previous bride-to-bes so he is still not married till now. Like the dutiful daughter, Miyo simply accepted her fate and was prepared to be abused by Kudou.

Miyo was neglected by her father and abused by her stepmother and sister so it is not really surprising that being sent to Kudou for marriage is like going on a vacation (or not). Luckily for her, Kudou is anything but his reputation. 

There's also an element of magic and supernatural beings in My Happy Marriage and as the story developed, it is known that Kudou is an expert at vanishing bad creatures. But there's that surprise plot twist that Miyo comes from a bloodline of females with the power to Dream-Sight. 

This is just a short anime series with 12 episodes. But there's a promise of a second season. Not to worry because the first season has a complete story ending. Another nice thing about this anime is that it is visually pleasing. 

Rating: 10/10
Age: 13+ 


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