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Monday, January 29, 2024

AF Payments / beep Card Warns Against Fake "12-Month Free Ride Card"

AF Payments / beep Card warns the public about an online promotion that says- "12-month free subway rides using beep cards" which is posted on the the "Metro Manila" Facebook Page. AFPI denies any involvement with this fake and misleading promotion. 

"AF Payments has not authorized the selling of any "12-month free subway rides card" or any similar promotion. We urge beep card users and commuters to prioritize safety by being vigilant and refraining from clicking on or subscribing to any suspicious links that could potentially compromise your personal and financial date," said JJ Moreno, CEO of AF Payments Inc. 

Likewise, commuters are encouraged to purchase beep cards from official outlets such as LRT1, LRT2, MRT3 stations or beep card website. For any concerns and questionable activity, please report to beep card official channels. 

"We appreciate the public's consistent support and dedication to ensuring the safety and security of all beep card users," said Moreno.


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