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Thursday, November 23, 2023

Positive Parenting Style That Strengthens Parent-Child Relationship

Parenting is a tough job. It is a lifelong responsibility- not a task with strict boxes that you need to check off. There are so many approaches and styles on how to raise our children, and most of the time- we tend to ask ourselves, 'what type of parent' are we?

Of course, a smarter question to ask is, 'What are the values I want to teach my child?' And what is the best way to teach them without sounding too pushy. 

One good example of an approach that can fulfill these needs is the use of positive reinforcement. This approach is best defined by its focus on rewarding good behavior. Positive reinforcement has always been considered a classic and effective way of parenting because not only does it amplify what's already good in our children, but it also highlights our good sides as caretakers. As with any type of responsibility, the latter is especially important as some parents can tend to forget their own needs by focusing too much on their children (source: 

Despite its perks, positive reinforcement can have its limitations if not applied well. For example, how do you use it for events when your child does something that needs correcting? Our advice: put a special twist on your use of positive reinforcement by highlighting the good parts of a situation first before directing your kid's direction to what they could have done better. 

Let's use this scenario as an example: your child has a big holiday project that's due on Monday but they were only able to remember it late Sunday. As a result, you had to rush in buying the materials needed for it and you and your kid had to finish the assignment in a time when you both could have been relaxing for the upcoming week. 

Instead of going directly to the fact that your child has forgotten an important project, work upwards by talking about the positive part of the situation first. Here's an example of how you can share it: "I appreciate your honesty in telling me that you've forgotten about your assignment. It's nice to know that you feel comfortable opening up to me about things like this instead of being scared. I hope this becomes a good learning experience for you to always remember your school activities in the future. That way, you and I wouldn't have had to rush in completing your project and enjoyed our Sunday in a more relaxed way."

By being open about the good points of the situation, you reward your child for behavior that you want them to continue doing exactly brushing the part that they need to improve on under the rug. This way, you can still use positive reinforcement and the act of rewarding but in a smarter way. 

Alternatively, this approach is something that parents themselves should also apply to their mindsets. Especially with the holiday season fast approaching, it's normal for all of us to feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities that Christmas ushers inside and outside of our own families. On time when it seems like the world is moving too fast, it is important to sit down, catch up with yourself, and maybe even reward yourself for just being in the moment. 

And speaking of rewards and something perfect for the holiday season, a nice bonding activity with your child is helping them create their favorite snacks such as making Strawberries Cream Shake and Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream using Nestle Temptations. 

Preparing Strawberries Cream Shake and Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream are not just easy to make but think of the loads of fun you and your child/ children will have. (Recipe at: for the recipe). 


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