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Monday, May 8, 2023

HOTEL REVIEW: Tokyo W-Inn Asakusa

We discovered Tokyo W-Inn Asakusa via when we were searching for a place to stay in Tokyo. Our first criteria when choosing a hotel is that it should be near the train station, and near a temple/shrine. And we got some bonus also because we got to experience being surrounded by locals as the hotel itself is in a residential area, that being our second criteria. Not to mention there are more than several convenience stores around the hotel, and grocers and restaurants.

Tokyo W-Inn Asakusa is a six-storey building that includes a cafe on the first floor. There's also a room for long staying guest, and a mix-dormitory room on the 3rd floor if I'm not mistaken. We got two beds in the all-female room. It was 6 double deck beds and they've assigned one for us. Daughter got the top bunk, while I'm on the lower bed. There are also small lockers for our things. 

Our room has its own toilet and shower area, with toiletries included. Then on the top floor, it's the common lounge area/ kitchen. It also has a balcony with a nice view of Tokyo Skytree. I think there's also a roof deck but we weren't able to venture there. 

We love the 6f common room. You can eat there, either cook your own food (utensils, plates, glasses, etc. are provided) or reheat in microwave or oven. There's also free unlimited coffee/tea, and ice. The fridge is big and every one can place their food stash there or juice, milk but it is advised to label your food so that there won't be accidents like another guest getting your food or drink by accident. There's also a vendo machine for drinks (juice, coffee, soda). 

Another thing nice about Tokyo W-Inn Asakusa is that aside from foreign guests, there are also lots of locals staying. So if you want to practice your Japanese, you can do so there. Some of the long staying guests are also foreign students so there's about 80% young guests and 20% older guests.

And did I mention that the popular Senso-ji Temple is walking distance? 

4 Chome-6-1 Kotobuki
Taito City, Tokyo

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