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Monday, April 24, 2023

HOTEL REVIEW: bnb+ Asakusa Kuramae

Our first travel outside the country post-pandemic led us to Tokyo although we only stayed there for two nights and two days. Haha, blame the long line at the immigration, we almost missed the late check-in time. We also almost missed the last train from Narita Airport up to Kuramae Station (no direct train at that time, we changed stations somewhere). 

I chose bnb+ Asakusa Kuramae because of its proximity to Kuramae Station because we have two big trolleys and two small ones, plus our personal bags. Also, bnb+ Asakusa Kuramae's rate for two nights won't create a dent on my 3 weeks travel budget. 

As always, I made the hotel reservation via and opted to pay the the property. It is possible to pay in cash (Yen), or debit or credit card. Btw, bnb+ Asakusa Kuramae is a capsule hotel. This is our first time to stay in a capsule hotel so I am not really sure if we'll like it or not. 

Latest check-in is at 10PM but it was already past 11PM when we arrived. Luckily, the hotel staff is still there (not sure if he read my message that we'll be arriving late because of immigration). Really, we're not expecting the snaking line at the immigration and it took us an hour to pass through. Not really complaining because I've heard that immigration line was much worst the week after we arrived. Hello Sakura Season!

Going back to bnb+ Asakusa Kuramae, the hotel's capsule layout is a bit cramped, and some of the other guests stuff are on the hallway. Adding ours to that, and it's crampier! 

We're assigned a lower deck (mine) and an upper one for DD. Not bad, at least I can just knock on my ceiling. A pillow, blanket, and duvet was provided and it smells fresh and clean. Thumbs up! The tiny bedspace has its own light, and outlet for gadgets. There's also a rack with hangers for clothes. Not bad, just cramped. The upper deck is identical. There's also a curtain for privacy. 

(upper deck photo)

You need to go out of the sleeping area to reach the toilet, and the shower rooms. Upon checking, the whole floor is filled with double deck capsules. And there's a tiny space, yes- tiny again, area with a table and couch if you want to eat. There's also a fridge in that area. Not sure if there's a water station. Someone was working there when we arrived. 

Because it is Tokyo, 711, Ministop, Family Mart, are just a short walk away. Of course, we had to walk farther to the other side near the huge Donki in Asakusa in search of food. And Tokyo being Tokyo, only the convenience stores are open around midnight. Bought bread and milk, I think then went back to the hotel to sleep. 

And it was a restful sleep. Whatever doubts I had of bnb+ Asakusa Kuramae vanished. I'm not really sure if it is because we are tired from the previous night's experience or the bed is just really relaxing. I mean, I've experience not being able to have a relaxing night's sleep in a 4-star hotel in Makati so I was really surprised that I felt at 'home' in that capsule space. 

bnb+ Asakusa Kuramae is at the 4th floor of a commercial building. There's a daycare center and some other offices. I guess it's because of the prime location that's why they turned one of the floors to a capsule hotel. But it's really cramped, other than that, the location is very nice and within walking distance from train stations (Kuramae and Tawaramachi Stations). 

To sum it up, we love our stay (or sleep) at bnb+ Asakusa Kuramae. The staff are nice, the hostel itself is okay even if cramped. Btw, some of the ones staying there are long term guests I think. 

PS. Are you excited to know what we did in Tokyo for two days? Stay tuned! :)

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