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Sunday, November 6, 2022

Staycation via Klook App

I love airfare and hotel promos and other discounts. Well, who doesn't? So I'm sharing here my Klook story after attending the Klook Travel Fest last month. 

My daughter had a long weekend because of November 1 holiday so we decided to go on a staycation/workcation in Makati. Also, just in time for Halloween festivities if there's any. 

After checking the hotel options around Makati, I booked a two-night stay in New World Makati via Klook. For staycations, I always choose a hotel near the malls so that there's always an option for other activities such as dining and shopping. 

It was easy to book via Klook app and I got the confirmation asap. There's an option to pay with credit card, and GCash etc. I chose GCash for this reservation. 

We did encounter some problem a day before the reservation date though because of Typhoon Paeng. I contacted Klook via Chat on their website. After getting the reservation details, I was told that they will look into it and email me. 

Surprise, surprise! I received an email not more than 10 minutes after talking to Klook staff via Chat. Alas, they can't move the reservation date as per hotel restrictions. Luckily, the typhoon was out of town the following morning but sky was still gloomy. 

Hotel check-in was fast and seamless since I already paid in advance via Klook. No need to fill-up forms except for my signature. I was just asked for security deposit which was promptly returned after checkout. 

Comparing the hotel check-in process time Klook vs other hotel apps, this is our fastest one to date. No kidding. Less than 10 minutes. Wow!

Aside from hotels, you can also book flights, transportation such as JR Rail Pass, restaurants, museum, attractions, etc via Klook. This is an amazing app actually. 

We do have an upcoming trip to Boracay and I saw that booking travel transfer via Klook is a bit cheaper if I book it via the travel agency. And the sunset cruise rate is also affordable than what the manongs in Boracay offer. And I'm also excited to dine again at Kasbar and I saw that they have some promos at Klook. *wink* *wink*

Happy camper here! Can't wait for our next Klook adventure. 

Great news for revenge travelers, stay tuned for Klook's Lunar Eclipse Surprise on November 8!


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