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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Tough Mama In The Kitchen

Mothers, especially like me who is OC when it comes to the kitchen prefers quality kitchen appliances since we use it every day. We love appliances that really lasts since we don't have the luxury to buy new things at a whim especially when there's growing children around. And we also love aesthetically pleasing kitchen appliances / gadgets because why not?

A couple of months back, my family and I suddenly found ourselves living in a new home. It was quite unexpected but of course, there's also the excitement of acquiring new things for the new house because the ones we're using before are long due for retirement already. Some are even older than my newly turned 18 year old daughter!

And it was a serendipitous occasion to attend the launch of Tough Mama Appliances just a few days before we moved in to our new home. Some appliances were raffled off and all of us got to bring home a Tough Mama Ceramic Kettle.

It was my first time to use a ceramic kettle and I don't really know what to expect since we've been using the stainless classic kettle and the plastic ones that seem to be popular nowadays. But I'm happy with Tough Mama Ceramic Kettle because aside from having 1.7L capacity, the hot water stays hot for about an hour or two. Thumbs up! Another plus factor with a ceramic kettle is its weight as compared with the plastic ones which are light so less worry that it will accidentally topple over and spill hot water. And I am loving the happy colorful print also. Thank you Tough Mama! :)

Aside from being introduced to the wide array of Tough Mama Kitchen Appliances, guests from the media were also treated to a bento snack demo by the Bento Mommas.

Bento-making needs a lot of love and patience though. But then, upon seeing your child's happy face, it is all worth the effort.

So here are just some of the exciting products that Tough Mama has to offer:

And I am on the lookout for a new blender because summer is not summer without some cooling fruit shake and if you are a fan of online shopping, there's a promotion going on. Check link --- Tough Mama at Shopee.  


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