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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

HOTEL REVIEW: Savoy Hotel Manila

It was prom season and it was also a last minute decision to get a hotel room since traffic has been terrible lately. Besides, we live in Sta Mesa area and my daughter's prom is going to be held at the ballroom of Manila Marriott Hotel which was like at the other end of the town.

We were choosing between the hotels nearest to Marriott but I remembered Savoy Hotel Manila being one of the newly opened hotels in the area. Actually, I love the colorful duvet and that it has some boutique hotel vibe.

Check-in time is 3:00pm but we arrived a bit late and then there's tons of guests checking-in before us. Prom call-time is at 6:00pm, oh no!

I did my reservation via which was hassle-free since I always use that hotel reservation platform whenever we travel. The room given to us far exceeded my expectation. It was really, really a perfect prom HQ for my daughter and her bff.

I requested for a room with a queen-sized bed instead of twin-sharing. The room is spacious and includes a sofa and a working area.

This is the working area (luckily I brought my laptop) with some welcome noms. Actually, you pay for the noms if you eat it. It would have been nice if they place it in baskets because the noms gets displaced especially if one will use the table.

The room given to us has a nice view of NAIA skyway and some cargo planes.

There's also a safety box for your valuables and a small fridge. Bottled water is complimentary.

Bathroom's a bit tiny though as compared with other hotels and has an L-shaped layout. But it was clean and pleasing to the eyes.

The hotel's location seems a bit far from Marriott but they offer a free shuttle service if you want to hotel-hop or go to RWM or Newport Mall and of course, airport shuttle. There's also some restaurant's that includes a ssamgyup place at the back of the hotel as well as a convenience store. Hubby and I had a pizza date at S&R after dropping off my daughter in Marriott.

I also enjoyed the shuttle service when I did my bank errands the following morning and even had a short shopping spree. :D

We did have a pleasant stay at Savoy Hotel Manila. And because it is prom night, we got another room for my daughter and her friends because I know that they won't be sleeping anyway since they'll have some post-prom syndrome. Two other friends decided to sleep with my daughter even if they have rooms in Marriott. I mean, it's much more fun to have an unplanned pajama party. ;)

Breakfast for 2 was included but we paid for the extra heads. Buffet spread was not that extensive compared with other hotels but we did enjoy the food especially the salpicao. Compliments to the chef!

Here's my daughter and her bff during the pre-prom photoshoot. It was quite fun actually, and even going to Savoy was memorable. Hahaha, guess who misplaced her wallet? ;)

This photo is at the lobby, taken around midnight. My daughter and her friends having post-prom giggles. ;)

Savoy Hotel Manila 
101 Andrews Avenue
Pasay City


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