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Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Legend Palawan Marks its 20th Year

The Legend Palawan (TLP) celebrates Two Decades of Unprecedented Filipino Hospitality, from its humble beginnings as one of the first few hotels in Puerto Princesa to pioneering the province' tourism industry by offering tours to the Underground River and other islands, to promoting the best local cuisine, and of course, the unparalleled warmth of Filipino hospitality.

"The Legend Palawan twenty years ago was our initiative to put up a family hotel catering to local tourism. When we started TLP 20 years ago, there's only one flight and not every day in Palawan and the hotel was "kakalog-kalog." We had to generate business not only for the hotel but for the entire city and the only way to do that was not to sell the hotel but the destination," narrated Wyden King, chairman and founder of Legend Hotel International Corporation (LHIC). "So we advertised every week in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, The Philippine Star to sell Family Packages for Puerto Princesa specifically and we would sell this package as a hosted tour."

"We actually or initiated the tour hosting in Puerto Princesa and the tour host would design the package like going to the Underground River, Honda Bay, to Pandan Island, City Tour. And from there, we were copied by many other hotels in Puerto Princesa and eventually, the city centralized the tour hosting; and most of our destinations were also taken over by the city," continued King. "The Firefly Tour which was started by us was taken over by the city. But it is also good because it benefitted the city, and the economy of the city. Puerto Princesa 20 years ago was 3-4 hours to the Underground River, now it's all paved road and the city has now lots of business activities.  But we are glad to be part of the economy of Puerto Princesa at the time there were only 2 or 3 prominent hotels but now there are many, many hotels in the city."

this photo from The Legend Palawan FB Page

"And we are still committed to Puerto Princesa in the sense that we believe that the next step is to develop the destinations. Because people will get tired of the Underground River so new destinations must be developed because that's what everybody has failed to do and we are bringing in resources. Puerto Princesa has nice beaches, nice rivers, nice mountainscapes, and that's where we're going in the next few years," concluded King.

And to commemorate its 20th anniversary, The Legend Palawan launched new and exciting tour packages- the Roam Puerto Princesa. The Legend Palawan aims to be continuously relevant by keeping up with the ever-changing needs of travellers and standards of hotels. One such demand previously identified by the company was the clamor for a beach destination. Not to be edged out by other resorts in the island that offers beach accommodations, the company has acquired the rights to manage and operate Isla Pandan in Honda Bay.

"When we put up a hotel in Palawan, there was no market study for it and there was no tourism and we had to develop what Legend is today," said Celine King, COO of The Legend Palawan. "One of my first jobs was a tour operator for the legendary tour office because they would be inquiring about what is the PAX which was short for Palawan Experience because we had promoted our products in the broadsheets, and most people would ask- Ano ba meron dyan sa Palawan? Ano yung Underground River, anong makikita ko dun? So being in grade school and high school I would be explaining what Underground River was, what Honda Bay tour hopping was, so that gave me insights on this family business which I am now doing."

"We all in the family has really fallen in-love with Puerto Princesa. There has been a lot of opportunities for us to expand the business in Boracay, in other province, in Cebu but we've stopped with Puerto Princesa because we love it so much. We have new products and we have Isla Pandan. We all have our legendary tour business and we are coming up with new tour packages and destinations and I hope you will join us being excited because Palawan will change in the next few months. Some people say or think that Legend is best kept secret but we don't want to keep it a secret any longer. We've been here for 20 years and we'll keep on giving back to the community, to the city because that is what we love doing. To the guests who have been faithful to us and will just keeping the business forward," added Celine.

Staying true to its Filipino theme, TLP launched its newly refurbished rooms and suites that highlights capiz shells and fine-grade wood furniture. With more than 80 rooms and more underway, TLP is being true to its commitment to bring out the best Filipino hospitality which is what the hotel is known for.

Visit The Legend Palawan for more details about room and tour packages.


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