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Thursday, October 25, 2018

All Out of Love: The Musical

MiG Ayesa and Rachel Alejandro takes center stage at Newport Performing Arts Theatre’ latest musical- All Out Of Love. Beloved songs from Air Supply are interwoven by Jim Millan and created a love story of two musicians with New York City as backdrop. 

This is a feel-good rom-com that every one will appreciate. But of course, the highlight is really to bring back those nostalgic moments with Air Supply music playing in the background. Time for us to reminisce and feel the love again. 

“The Filipino market is a very strong market for Air Supply and they perform here quite often because there’s a big love for the music. So it’s important that we launch the show in the strongest possible way with a very strong cast,” shared Dale Harrison, producer. “It seems like the natural choice. Even Russell Hitchcock from Air Supply said that he couldn’t imagine it starting anywhere else,” said Naomi Toohey, co-producer for Musical Management Asia Pacific.

“I think you can look forward to a really feel-good show. You’ll hear Air Supply songs performed as love songs between two lovers, while a father and daughter remember their love for each other. I think that there will be more resonance to the songs because they’re singing them in desperation for their love, so it’s going to be a really exciting thing,” added Toohey. 

“We are faithful to the songs, and give them a little bit of modern edge. The story is beautiful. There’s a lot of comedy in the story but also a lot of love- trying to find love and recapturing it. So there’s something for everyone in the show.”

All Out Of Love: The Musical, is a very engaging musical even if you are not really familiar with the songs. The cast also has a nice rapport with each other and that makes the show successful. MiG Ayesa is perfect of the rock star role as well as a diva-ish Rachel Alejandro. But guess what- I super love Tanya Manalang as Stacie. Her role is what binds each other in the musical and she did it superbly. I HEART you Tanya! 

Tickets to All Out Of Love: The Musical are available at the RWM Box Office and TicketWorld outlets. You can also download the RWM Mobile App for the complete show schedules.


During the Gala Night, the audience were all surprised when Russell Hitchcock and Graham Russell joined the cast on stage. I mean, wow!

Photo courtesy of Azrael Colladilla


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