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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What's The HYPE?

As much as we hate to admit it, public transportation in the Philippines is way behind when it comes to our neighboring ASEAN countries. What's worse is that almost every one waste a lot of time commuting around the metropolis, not to mention have a hard time getting a ride.

There are TNC (Transport Network Companies) but the units vs the daily commuters are not really enough to provide adequate transportation to the commuters.

With the commuter woes in mind, HYPE Transport Systems Inc., held the first ever HYPE FEST which was attended by drivers, operators, and commuters. Every one got to mingle and know more about what HYPE has to offer.

"When we first envisioned HYPE, we had a vision to provide the Filipino riding public a viable choice. We wanted the Filipinos to have the power to choose the most affordable, the safest, the most convenient, and with the most number of transport options possible," said Nicanor Escalante, President of HYPE Transport Systems Inc.

"We are proud to say that as the Filipino riding public has begun to support HYPE, more and more of our drivers--- both TNVS and taxi cabs, will continue to enjoy more and more earnings by using the app, and will most definitely enjoy more surprises from us and our partners," added Escalante. "Both drivers and riders will received incentives so every one will definitely be happy."

Piolo Pascual, ambassador for Hype Transport Systems Inc., also graced the HYPEFest not only to show support but because HYPE is definitely a force to content with in the TNVS industry.


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