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Monday, October 22, 2018

Tong Yang Plus Is The Latest GCash Partner

Tong Yang Plus joins the expanding list of GCash partners who offers QR Scan-To-Pay in their establishment. The QR Scan-To-Pay is a cashless system of paying for the item using your mobile phone.

Tong Yang Plus has both grilling and hotpot for a much more diverse dining experience. Those who love hotpot will enjoy the laksa soup base and other interesting soup base choices. I also fell in-love with the tempura section and refilled my plate 3x! Yum!

For those who like to grill, you can either grill the meet yourself or choose the meat or seafood or even veggies, then bring it to the grilling station. You can also choose some sauce to go with it.

As much as I enjoyed the hotpot and grilled food, I was very much smitten with the ice-cream and dessert section. I mean, the choices are really a perfect sweet ending to a nice meal powered by GCash QR Scan-to-pay.


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