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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

TikTok and DTI Hosts 2-Day Workshop for MSMEs

TikTok and DTI recently hosted a 2-day workshop that aims to empower MSMEs with e-commerce and live streaming knowledge. It also delved on TikTok Shop, guidelines, affiliate marketing, and live selling demonstrations, providing valuable insights and practical knowledge to help MSMEs in the digital age. 

"The new partnership between the DTI and TikTok Shop marks a significant milestone, promising to open up better opportunities for our MSMEs. Through our collaboration, we will dive into the dynamic world of TikTok and explore how powerful platforms can elevate our businesses. Digitalization is very important for our country, and the insights and skills you gain here will not only enhance your businesses but also pave the way for sustained growth and success. Together, we can leverage the strengths of TikTok Shop and the support of DTI to propel our businesses to newer heights," said Cristina Roque, DTI Undersecretary. 

The 2-day workshop was attended by around 400 TikTok Shop sellers, including Casi's Mushroom Chicharon and Tiny Buds. Participants learned how businesses utilized TikTok Shop to scale their operations and reach a wider audience. 

Jose Casillano of Casi's Mushroom Chicharon highlighted the role of storytelling in engaging customers, detailing how the business leveraged TikTok's platform to share its unique story and mission. By focusing on authentic content that showcased their journey from humble beginnings, the brand connected deeply with its audience, boosting visibility and fostering a loyal customer base resonating with its values and products. 

"Our journey with TikTok Shop has allowed us to narrate our story- from our humble beginnings to our current success," said Casillano. "By highlighting our collaboration with local farmers and leveraging TikTok Shop's unique features, we've transformed into a nationwide brand, reaching thousands of customers."

As for Lorin Tan of Tiny Buds, she emphasized the importance of adaptability and innovation, enabling the brand to maintain a strong customer connection and sustain growth. "TikTk Shop has allowed us to build meaningful connections with our customers and continuously adapt to new trends. It's essential to step out of our comfort zones, invest in time, space, and people, and keep learning to thrive in this dynamic environment."

"At TikTok Shop, we believe in the power of e-commerce and livestreaming to transform businesses of all sizes, especially SMEs. Our mission is to provide entrepreneurs with the tools and platforms needed to expand reach and grow in this digital age. We are committed to supporting Filipino MSMEs every step of the way by ensuring access to resources and opportunities to thrive. We will continue to roll out initiatives designed to help our MSMEs succeed, through initiatives such as educational programs, enhanced seller support and campaigns," said Niks Fojas, Category Lead for f&B at TikTok Shop.

TikTok Shop's efforts to support MSMEs are reflected in initiative like the "Buy Local, Shop Local" campaign, aimed at promoting local businesses and enhancing the e-commerce landscape. The partnership with the DTI further enhances this commitment to advance digital growth and success for MSMEs nationwide. 


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