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Saturday, July 6, 2024

GCash FutureCast 2024: Transforming FinTech for Every Filipino

GCash recently unveiled it groundbreaking innovations at this year's GCash FutureCast, revolutionizing the country's fintech landscape and elevating consumer experience. 

"Today, you can expect innovations that will change the game. But the real game-changer is how we can make a meaningful impact on Filipino lives," said Martha Sazon, President & CEO of GCash. "... to innovate not only to provide access, but to be their partner towards better Financial Health and Wellness."

GCash FutureCast 2024 started with the introduction of Online PaySafe, an added security feature when you add to cart, for worry-free online transactions. With this feature, customers are directed to the GCash app during their payment process to complete their transaction using multi-factor authentication. This enhances security by reducing open windows and tabs that expose user accounts to possible takeovers, payment scams links, and website spoofing.

Getting help is now made easier with Gigi. Powered by generative AI, Gigi is now equipped to handle common queries and escalate complex issues seamlessly. Gigi can also conduct security checks, access past conversations, and connect users to live agents when needed. 

Send Money Protect combat online fraud. This feature is in partnership with Chubb. For as low as P30, users can now opt to insure their transactions of up to P15,000 for 30 days. This covers transactions from potential scammers who pretend to be someone they know or disguise themselves as legit store.

Other innovate features include Dashboard 3.0, GCat & Friends, and Money Manager. There's also GScore AI, Hyper-Personalized Ads, GCoach, GImpact, and GFarm. Making these innovations more interesting is GCash Jr. with Parental Controls, which allows kids between 7-17 to have their first e-wallet and get their debit card with GCash Jr. Visa Cards. There's also GSave Jr.

GCash aims to continue its expansion reach in 16 countries this 2024: USA, Canada, Italy, UK, Australia, Japan, Spain, UAE, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Hong Kong, Qatar, Singapore, KSA, and Kuwait, making GCash available to 10M overseas Filipinos. International Bank Cash-In allows users to cash in to GCash over 12,000 US Banks, with Europe to follow soon. 

GTravel allows one to book and pay for flights and hotels, all in one app. It streamlines international travel experiences as it helps users book experiences, buy e-sims, and even plan visa requirements for their trips. Coupled with GInsure, travelers can now apply for travel insurance powered by Standard and Malayan with coverage of up to P2.5M; OONA Insurance allows travelers instant lounge access for flight delays by an hour.

Soon, travelers to European destinations-- Spain, Italy, Germany, and more can also digitize and claim travel tax refunds with GCash. On the other hand, GCash Tourist allows foreigners in the Philippines to pay like locals, giving them 30-day access to GCash features like Scan to Pay and Send Money. 

Borrow on the Spot gives more people a chance to borrow, making financial support more accessible to everyone. Powered by Fuse, GCash' lending arm, users can now instantly request to reassess their creditworthiness and get higher credit limit via GGives. Then there's Tap To Pay for easy commute. 

Watch Pay, in partnership with Huawei, is the first payment method via smartwatches in the country. It allows users to wear their GCash wallet on their Huawei smartwatch and make seamless payments with just a scan or their QR on their wrist. 

These innovations are designed to improve Filipinos digital payments in a very convenient way. 


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