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Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Have A Wonderful Bath Time with American Standard

Add a more personal touch when building a home as American Standard launches its all new finishes- Polished Cool Sunrise, Brushed Hard Graphite and Matte Black that gives your bathroom a unique personality. 

So which one fits you best?

Polished Cool Sunrise will definitely brighten the home. Its bright gold polish has that vibrant yet sophisticated feel that creates a warm and joyful ambiance in your home. 

Brushed Hard Graphite has that zen vibe or masculine-feel. It also has that refine but industrial-inspired look. This is perfect if you love earth tons.

Matte Black is beautiful. It's a bold statement, a commanding presence. Paired with gold fixtures, it becomes an understated elegance. 

These three colors are available in the Acacia Evolution faucets, EasySet Concealed Auto Temperature Mixer and EasySet Exposed Auto Temperature and other select accessories. 


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