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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

beep Partners with PalawanPay and Home Credit for Easy Reloading

beep is making it easier for cardholders to reload their cards by partnering with e-wallet PalawanPay and Home Credit. With these partnership, reloading becomes more convenient because cardholders need not line up at transport terminals anymore.

How to reload with PalawanPay:

1. Open PalawayPay app, then tap "Pay Bills" then "Electronic Cash" or search for "BEEP"
2. Enter 16-digit beep card number, name, and amount you want to reload
3. Proceed to the payment page and choose to pay via your wallet, PalawayPay Points, or vouchers (if available).

How to reload with Home Credit:

1. Open Home Credit app, tap "Pay Bills then choose "Transport" or search for "BEEP"
2. Enter amount to reload, then 16-digit beep card number and your name. Tap save then Continue
3. Confirm payment details by entering your mPIN


After reloading online, please remember that the purchased load must be retrieved from NFC- enabled phones or E-stations located in various transport terminals including LRT1, LRT2, and MRT3.

"E-wallets and fintech services have become integral in our increasingly digital lifestyle, with their user base continually growing. The inclusion of PalawanPay and Home Credit in our roster of over-the-air reloading partners underscores our commitment to leveraging technology to enhance the convenience of public commuting. Simultaneously, we enable our business partners to expand their services and attract more customers," said JJ Moreno, President and CEO of AFPI.


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