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Friday, October 13, 2023

Elevating Moments with TCL C845 Mini LED Technology

TCL announces TCL C845 TV as the newest addition to the C series family. The TCL C845 has that TCL Mini LED Technology for that ultimate entertainment experience and superior display performance. And the best part, this newest TCL Mini LED TV has a more affordable cost without sacrificing quality.

TCL was the first to develop and launch Mini LED TVs, and it has always leveraged Mini LED as its core strategy and continues to lead the industry. TCL has creatively customized and developed high-efficiency Mini LED chips and single-fraction curved surface glue dispensing technology, achieving more precise light control, more uniform surface light source, better halo control and higher light efficiency, using more sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. 

It also features the AiPQ Processor 5 Picture Quality Algorithms namely Ai-Contrast, Ai-Clarity, Ai-Color, Ai-Motion and Ai-HDR. The Ai picture quality processor perceives and thinks like a clever mind to capture every detail in the real world into its rich database and to perform simulation and optimization based on human recognition. What you see on the C845 TV screen is simply vividly alive thanks to Ai picture quality processor. 

Sound quality is not far behind either as it has a distinct sound and powerful bass, thanks to its 2.1 CH and Subwoofer. It also has Hi-Fi 60W for that live band sound quality experience. 

Another feature that makes TCL C845 superior is its TUV Low Blue Light that is not harmful to the eyes. And it also easily connects to your Apple device. 

Of course, and here's the best part, TCL C845 has that elegant design that makes it more perfect to place in any room of your home. 


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