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Monday, September 11, 2023

HOTEL REVIEW: Koko Hotel Ginza

Extending our stay in Tokyo and choosing a hotel is not really difficult as long as you know which district you want to stay, and if you have a hotel app so that you can compare room rates. Upon checking the hotel app (, Koko Hotel Ginza fits most of our requirements. 

Made our reservation online, paid online using credit card (they also accept Paypal). Check-in is at 3PM but since we'll be arriving early in Ginza, we asked the front desk if we can leave our bags and they're okay with it. 

We had brunch at Tricolor Ginza after leaving our bags, and went around the area until it's time to check-in. Since we already came earlier, the concierge just handed the room card, and we're off to our room. 

Koko Hotel Ginza is a three-star business hotel so rooms are not as quite as spacious. But then, you won't really be staying inside the hotel (unless to sleep) since you're in Tokyo. I do find the layout cramped especially with the desk beside the bed. Even the TV placement bothers me (but that's just me, okay?). Other than that, the bed is quite comfy, as well as the pillows. PJs are also provided in case the guest forgot to bring one. 

There's a mini fridge, there's also kettle and cups / glasses. Then there's a small safebox and hair-dryer. 

Here's the bathroom, with small bathtub and shower. There's also refillable bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and handsoap. 

Here's the best part, and what I like best about Koko Hotel Ginza. Instead of providing sets of toothbrush, sponge, combs, tea, coffee in the bedroom, guests are encouraged to just get what they need at the 'amenity' shelf at the lobby. How cool is that. right? Definitely no wastage here. 

PS. And just because it's an open shelf, please just get what you will use only. I've seen a family who keeps going back to the shelf to randomly get items which they hid in their bags. 

There's also a foreign exchange machine at the lobby, and a coffee and vending machine area at the other end. 

We love our stay at Koko Hotel Ginza and looking forward to staying here again in the near future. Check-in time is 3PM, and check-out is 11AM. 

- hotel is near the train station
- hotel is about 12 minutes walk to Tokyo Station
- hotel is in the quiet part of Ginza
- there's a convenience store, coffeeshop, and restos nearby
- the bed is comfy
- I like their policy of getting your own 'amenities' 
- fast WiFi
- has an area for luggages in case you want to leave them after check-out

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