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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

SM Prime Explores Partnership with Japanese Firm for Waste Management Solutions

SM Prime recently signed an MOA with GUUN Co. Ltd, to explore the potential partnership to implement waste management solutions by recycling waste paper and plastics as an alternative source of energy called 'fluff fuel.'

GUUN Co. Ltd, a Japanese company based in Yokohama City, piloted the production of fluff fuel from plastic waste in Inayawan, Cebu in 2014 and has recently inaugurated a P200M waste recycling facility in Consolacion, Cebu. 

Fluff fuel are one type of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) which are produced from shredded and compressed plastics, papers, and fibers. These are used as fuels in cement manufacturing, paper mill companies, or power companies in Japan. 

"Japan's waste management and recycling technology is among the most advanced in the world," said Hans Sy, SM Prime Chairman of the Executive Committee. "There is no better partner for SM because we do not just talk about being big, we make sure we do it; we do not talk about being environment friendly but we do take bold steps to save the environment. I am looking forward to growing with GUNN as among leaders in solving environmental issues in the Philippines." 

"This will be a milestone partnership for us," said Shinji Fujieda, GUNN CEO. "I understand very much how important waste management is for SM and for the Philippines and we look forward to more projects we can do with the properties of SM Prime."

As of date, GUUN's waste-to-fuel technology has been adopted as a model for advance low-carbon technology by Japan's Ministry of Environment. This technology is also continuously being innovated for further deployment in developing countries. 

SM Prime has implemented pioneering programs for waste management such as Trash to Cash, Plastic Waste Collection, and E-Waste Collection that have contributed to reducing the total solid waste generation across its real estate portfolio. 

"We have saved 16,766 trees from the 986,222 kg of paper recycled," SM Prime disclosed in its 2022 Integrated Report to shareholders. 

As for SM's Plastic Waste Collection program, this is a partnership with Plastic Credit Exchange launched in 2021. It has accumulated 42,541kg of plastic waste from 14 mall sites. Also present is SM Supermalls E-Waste Collection program for the responsible disposal of Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipement (WEEE).


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