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Monday, June 19, 2023

VIVA MANILENA Goes to Ghibli Museum

Proudly holding my Ghibli Museum ticket ... and being photobombed by Totoro! Hahaha

I've always wanted to visit Ghibli Museum but can't seem to get hold of a ticket because they sell out fast, AND you need to purchase the ticket a month in advance (choose a date also). The website release tickets every 10th of the month. Sounds complicated, right? Another thing, airfare to Tokyo can get expensive unless you plan it months in advance. 

But with a stroke of luck, and some Kanji knowledge (thanks to Isabel!), my daughter was able to secure that 'golden' ticket and surprise, surprise ... was able to get a slot on my birth date. Double yey! 

There are four time slots at the Ghibli Museum- 10AM, 12NN, 2PM, 4PM. 

After getting the QR confirmation, you can claim printed ticket at any Lawson store in Tokyo. We only claimed ours 2 days before the scheduled date. 

How to get there:
1. Coming from Tokyo Central, take the JR train from Shinjuku Station and go down at Mitaka Station. 2. If you're in Shibuya, you can take the Keio-Inokashira train and go down at Kichioji Station. This is a longer walk as compared to Mitaka Station but you get to pass by Inokashira Park. This is a very nice and popular park (big park) so I suggest passing here if you have time to spare. 

Another reason to pass via Kichioji Station is you can buy the famous Totoro cream puff at Shirohige's Cream Puff Factory. Pro tip though, the store opens at 11AM but the cream puff sells out fast and gone by 1PM. But there's still Totoro cookies or if you're lucky, there's also the Catbus cookie. 

We were so excited that we arrive almost an hour early. They don't let people in early but you can take lots of pictures outside. Btw, taking photos inside the museum is not allowed but there are open areas within the museum so you can have your fill of photoshoots there. But then again, it is best to just immerse yourself in the Ghibli world especially if you're a fan. 

Ghibli Museum is a huge place, with 3 levels, so it is best to wear comfortable footwear. Each level has interesting displays, some of which are interactive. I don't want to elaborate more so as not to spoil the experience when you visit the museum. Also, included in the ticket is a short film so do check the theatre inside the museum for that. Most of the guides speak English so it is easy to communicate if you need something or got lost. And there's a Catbus but it's strictly for kids only. 

The Iron Giant, a beloved character from Castle in The Sky a.k.a 'Gentle Giant.'

There's a cafe within the museum grounds in case you get hungry or thirsty. But I suggest make rounds of the museum first and save that for last. 

This is the best part, and I know you're excited to hear this- there are two shops inside! So many souvenirs to choose from. They accept cash and cards (debit and credit). 

Since we chose the 4PM slot, the entrance was already quiet when we left. Prior to that, there's a tent blocking this view and ticket holders need to line-up. Btw, you'll be asked to show an ID so make sure that your name is the same as what's printed on the ticket. 

Given the chance, I'd like to visit Ghibli Museum again and get to know more not just the characters, the film, but the heart of Ghibli creator Hayao Miyazaki. There's still so much to discover inside the museum.

Next stop, Ghibli Park in Aichi. *wink* *wink*

PS. You can also secure Ghibli Museum tickets via Klook which is easier and faster than getting it from the website itself.

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