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Monday, February 20, 2023

HOTEL REVIEW: Savoy Hotel Boracay

Just had an epic cousins bonding at Savoy Hotel Boracay and we love every minute of it!

Savoy Hotel Boracay is one of the newer hotel and is located at the other side of the island which is known as Newcoast. 

Newcoast has its own private beach front and cove so security is not a problem. Aside from Savoy Hotel, there's also Belmont Hotel in the area. The Newcoast beach doesn't have the fine white sand of Stations 1 and 2 BUT that doesn't mean it is not lovely. Newcoast beach has its own charm and it is near the 'Keyhole,' a popular tourist spot in Boracay. Best place to visit during sunrise except the time when we went there because it was cloudy. 

Savoy Hotel Boracay is relatively new, having opened in 2017 but was forced to close twice due to Boracay Island's clean-up closure, and then the pandemic in 2020. It reopened sometime last year and everything's roses from then on. 

This is our first time at Savoy Hotel Boracay but we are already familiar with Savoy Hotel in Manila

I made the hotel reservation via Booking(dot)com and even settled the payments online. I got two twin rooms inclusive of breakfast. Check-in time is usually 3pm but we were allowed to go to our rooms around lunchtime since it was already available. My cousins and I got on the early morning flight so we arrived early. 

This is our room with twin beds, a small sofa, movable working desk, small fridge, coffee/tea set, pitcher, tv, bathroom complete with toiletries, and a nice balcony that has a nice view of the pool, and partial view of the sea. Like most hotel nowadays, Savoy Hotel Boracay also has water dispensers strategically placed along the hallways. 

Btw, black rubber slippers are also provided so that you can use it especially when you go to the beachfront or pool. You can 

Savoy Hotel Boracay has two big swimming pools. The one below our balcony is also the one used for events. 

The hotel also has this soccer table conveniently located at the lobby. 

Since Savoy Hotel Boracay is located in Newcoast, it takes around 20 minutes to go to D'Mall. Waiting time can be longer though especially if the guard near the gate can't find an empty trike. Luckily, the hotel has an hourly shuttle van beginning 9AM-10PM. You just need to inform the concierge, give your room number and number of pax joining the shuttle van. This service was very convenient for all of the guests. 

PS. The Sunrise and Keyhole Tour is also FREE of charge. You just need to inform the hotel about it. 

Aside from the usual hotel restaurant, bar, spa, there's also 7-11, Macao Imperial, and some other shops in the hotel area. 7-11 is open 24hrs so you won't get scared of not having midnight snacks. 

My cousins and I also love Savoy Cafe. We actually stayed there and had brunch when we arrived. 

To sum it up, we enjoyed our stay at Savoy Hotel Boracay. It was a memorable and relaxing cousins bonding. The hotel experience and, nice and friendly staff are plus factors in making our long-weekend wonderful. 

Malay, Aklan

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