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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Huawei Energy Summit: Digital Energy, Powering the Low Carbon Era

Huawei hosted the Energy Summit Online as part of HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 with the theme- Digital Energy, Powering the Low Carbon Era. 

Topic discussed during the summit includes practices in using new technologies to transition the energy industry toward carbon neutrality. Aside from the plenary session, Huawei also released the Global Energy Transition and Zero Carbon Development White Paper, and shared its Energy Trans-Cube Strategy. 

Energy Trans-Cube, Creating New Value for the Industry

More countries have become committed to addressing climate change and carbon neutrality eversince the signing of the Paris Agreement in 2015. 

"Despite the strong will to go carbon neutral, we need to take into account three challenges: green and low carbon development, economic development, as well as the security and continuity of energy supply. The convergence of energy transformation and digital transformation will pave the digital way for carbon neutrality," said David Sun, VP of Huawei Enterprise BG and President of the Global Energy Business Unit. "Huawei has developed a Trans-Cube methodology. It suggests that to get closer to a net-zero carbon intelligent energy system and achieve global zero-carbon transformation, energy transformation, and digital transformation."

The first capability- net-zero carbon transformation- will help various industries manage their carbon assets, and implement de-carbonization actions suitable to their specific contexts. In the process, they will go from low-carbon to near-zero carbon, and eventually achieve carbon neutrality. 

Then, energy transformation will make energy production and consumption more reliable, and secure, and efficient, transforming from a single centralized system to a diversified, distributed, and integrated one. The ultimate goal is to achieve multi-energy coordination and optimize efficiency.

Lastly, there is digital transformation, which will enable the industry to transform from information-based to digital, and finally intelligent. With data at its core, digital transformation will enable net-zero carbon transformation and energy transformation. 

New Ideas to Lead the Industry, A White Paper Release

Guo Xiaobo, an Energy expert at Deloitte China says that going carbon neutral means achieving energy transformation and zero-carbon development as soon as possible, using more renewable resources, changing the way we use energy, and using new technologies to reduce emissions. With these in mind, the Global Energy Transition and Zero Carbon Development White Paper analyzes the key factors affecting energy transition, and proposes a new plan for the energy sector- building a net-zero intelligent energy system. 

This ecosystem focuses on interconnecting oil, gas, electricity, heat, and hydrogen systems, and aims to achieve secure, reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and clean energy. 

"The architecture of the net-zero intelligent energy system will interconnect the energy system, carbon system, and ICT infrastructure as well as eventually converging energy, carbon, information, and value flows," said Anthony Hu, Chief Representative for Energy Transition (Carbon Neutrality), Global Energy Business Unit of Huawei Enterprises BG. "Gradually, it will form a system with data at its core, promoting the digitalization of the energy industry." 

Drive Data to Barrel, Embrace Intelligence to Grow

Digital transformation and intelligent development of oil and gas industry may still be in its infant stages but digital transformation highlights opportunities for the industry: rebuilding business models, transforming management models, innovating business models and accelerating transformation and value growth. 

"Cloud technologies enable centralized information resource planning, intelligent management and control, flexible provisioning, convenient services, and high security and efficiency," said Lv Gongxun, Consultant of Huawei and Former General Manager of China National Corporation for Exploration and Development of Oil and Gas (CNODC). "They will transform the existing business models."

Power grids are another important area of energy transformation, rapidly involving with new technologies. In this context, Felix Chifwaila, Sr. Manager of Electro-Technical Services at ZESCO, introduced the role of video and AI in improving grid O&M capabilities. For example, visualizing channel data leads to fewer operational risks and makes inspection 80 times more efficient. Video and AI also help detect potential faults in time, helping eliminate 90% of power outages every year. Having an intelligent inspection platform and apps leads to 30% more efficient emergency response and maintenance. "ZESCO is looking forward to continued cooperation with Huawei, helping ZESCO become a regional power hub in digital transformation," explained Chifwaila.

ICT and OT Drive Energy Digital Transformation

"As an Operation Technology (OT) system service provider, DFE actively cooperates with ICT vendors, including Huawei, to complement each other's strengths, promote energy digital transformation, and build intelligent and innovation solutions," said Fang Zhengji, General Manager of DFE. He introduced the innovative solutions that DFE developed with Huawei- Intelligent Substation Inspection System and Automatic Transmission Line Inspection System. Powered by DFE and Huawei technologies, the two solutions help enterprises further their digital and intelligent transformation. 

It is important to note that Huawei began as a non-digital native enterprise. This means that the company has accumulated extensive experience and lessons learnt through both internal projects and industry practices. It has a first-hand understanding of the challenges traditional enterprises face during digital transformation and has paved a "digital way" for the transformation and development of the energy industry.

HUAWEI CONNECT 2021 online is from September 23 to October 31, 2021. This year's them is- Dive into Digital. 



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