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Sunday, September 26, 2021

Ayala Foundation & Huawei Partnership Aims to Contribute More to The Philippines' Nation Building Programs

The Ayala Foundation Inc., and Huawei Technologies Philippines Inc., held a virtual ceremony to mark another milestones in their growing partnership, this time aimed at providing digital education to Filipinos and building sustainable and resilient communities. 

This partnership coincides with AFI's 60th anniversary with the theme: Faith in the Filipino- 60 Years of Partnerships in Nation-building.

Part of the MoU includes a donation of $200,000 to support AFI's programs that focuses on disaster recovery and emergency response, education and training, and sustainable livelihood for women and indigenous peoples. Huawei also extends support to Globe's environmental programs with a donation of $100,000 for the telco's rainforest bio-diversity program in Mindanao. 

"Huawei Philippines has been a long-time supporter of Ayala Foundation's programs, particularly in the education sector," said Joana Duarte, AFI Senior Director for Programs. "Throughout the years, Huawei has provided students in our partner communities all over the Philippines with facilities and equipment to improve their learning experience. In the past year, we have seen the extraordinary effects brought about by COVID-19. The Philippine education sector has been hit hard as teachers and students adapt to no face-to-face learning."

"It is now, more than ever, that sustainable development must be at the forefront of our organizations," continued Duarte, referring to small-scale producers that we also affected by the pandemic due to movement restrictions. She also noted that Huawei's donation will enable AFI to create and scale up its efforts through technology. 

These AFI advocacies are in sync with Huawei's mission. Huawei believes in the lasting positive impact of social responsibility programs geared towards enabling the Filipino youth to achieve their dreams and improving the lives of people in local communities. 

"In the future, we want to be more active in contributing to Ayala Foundation's CSR programs and in giving back to the Philippines," said Guo, as he talks about Huawei's continuing partnership with AFI.

With TECH4ALL, Huawei Philippines has been working with its local partners to create real change by connecting the unconnected communities, providing equitable access to technologies to underserved groups, and protecting the environment. 

AFI continues to nurture partnerships with a wide network of government, nongovernmental, corporate, and community-based organization, as well as private individuals. It is on a mission to build communities that are creative, productive, self-reliant and proud to be Filipino. 


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