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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Alagang Silka: Goes Beyond Skin Care and Beauty with ALAGA Scholarship Program

Beauty is indeed skin-deep with ALAGANG SILKA. 

Alagang Silka is known to provide skin care for women and their families for 20 years. And this same ALAGA goes beyond the skin, and bares it heart by changing lives for the better by launching ALAGA Scholarship Program. 

As it celebrate its 20th anniversary on September 8, 2021, SILKA launches the ALAGA Scholarship Program and invites the dreamers, the doers, the men and women of action who have been working hard  towards their dreams, to apply. 

All dreams are valid and worth fulfilling. That's why ALAGA will help nurture this dream and turn it into a reality. "Ang pangarap mong college degree, matutupad sa Alagang Silka." ALAGA- Academic, Learning, and Achievement Grant Awardees. 

ALAGANG Silka reaches out to incoming college students or current college students of any level, who can be given scholarship grants to finish college. Through this newly-launched corporate social responsibility program, scholars will bask in the same ALAGANG SILKA, that will now not only transform them physically and emotionally, but can enrich their lives. 

Because to nurture scholars with ALAGANG SILKA stands to produce fruits that multiply. SILKA ALAGA scholars are bound to uplifts, not only themselves, but also their families, their communities, and their country. For this reason alone, the determination to nurture them becomes its own reward. 

Since 2001, Silka, a beauty and skincare brand, has been creating a superior line of affordable and effective products that are easily accessible and within the reach of consumers, helping them achieve lighter and smoother skin complexions, naturally. 

Silka will be offering 20 college scholarships from all over the country. This nationwide search will find (5) scholars each from Metro Manila, Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. All scholars will be provided a fixed amount for their tuition fees and allowances, so that they can be supported in their studies, as they get closer and closer to their dreams. 

Be a SILKA ALAGA Scholar. Applications will be accepted beginning September 15, 2021. 

Here are more info about ALAGA Scholarship Program:


What is the SILKA ALAGA Scholarship Program?

The SILKA ALAGA Scholarship Program was established by SILKA for the Filipino youth who dream of a better future by completing their college education.

Why was SILKA ALAGA Scholarship Program established?

This year, as SILKA celebrates its  20th anniversary, it prioritized a most meaningful corporate social responsibility program: as ALAGA has always been at the heart of SILKA, it recognizes that all dreams are valid and are worth fulfilling. SILKA intends to find these passionate men and women and to support them in their pursuit of their college degree.

What does the SILKA ALAGA Scholarship Program mean?

SILKA ALAGA stands for Academic, Learning, and Achievement Grant Awardees. If you are chosen to be a scholar, literally, aalagaan ka ng SILKA to get your degree. We will help you achieve your dreams of graduating college.

Who are qualified to become SILKA ALAGA scholars?

Open to Filipino citizens, male and female, residing in the Philippines, who are about to enter college or who are already enrolled in college in a Philippine educational institution; applicants must not be a recipient of any other scholarship or grant be it public or private.

What are the eligibility requirements for the SILKA ALAGA Scholars?

Candidates must have graduated in the top 15% of their high school graduating batch or is currently in the top 15% of their current college graduating batch. They must have no grade lower than 85%, a general average of at least 88%, and a history of good moral standing. Household income should also not exceed PHP 325,000.00 per year. 

Are there restrictions regarding which schools the scholars may attend or what courses they are to enroll in?

SILKA ALAGA Scholars are free to choose where they study as long as it is an institution in the Philippines and recognized by the Philippine government. They are also free to enroll in any course without restriction. SILKA welcomes dreamers of all kinds and promises to give them the ALAGA they need.

What do the SILKA ALAGA Scholars receive if chosen?

SILKA will help the scholars by giving them a maximum of PHP 40,000.00 in tuition fee subsidies per semester. This subsidy is non-convertible to cash and will be paid directly to the educational institution to ensure that the scholarship is to be used for their education and their education only. Aside from a tuition fee subsidy, the ALAGA Scholar will also receive a maximum allowance of PHP 10,000.00 per semester from SILKA .  

How many SILKA ALAGA Scholars will there be?

In celebration of Silka’s 20th year anniversary, 20 deserving students will be chosen for the scholarships. Five (5) will be from Luzon, five (5) from Visayas, five (5) from Mindanao, and five (5) from Metro Manila. Candidates from all over the Philippines can apply.

If chosen, what are the responsibilities of a SILKA ALAGA Scholar?

SILKA holds their scholars to high standards. In return for the aid each scholar receives, scholars will have to maintain good grades and good moral standing. For the continuation of the scholarship, renewal will be done after every semester through submitting official report cards, certificates of good moral standing, and certifications of household income. Scholars are also not allowed to be delayed, shift courses, transfer schools, or fail any subjects.

Where can one submit his application to be a SILKA ALAGA SCHOLAR?

For complete information/details, and to file an application, simply visit:

Applications will be accepted starting Sept. 15, 2021 for scholarships that will be awarded for the school year First Semester 2022.


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