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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

HUAWEI Continues Its Growth Portfolio in the Philippines

HUAWEI has once again proven its commitment to provide Filipinos a seamless AI life supported by an intelligently connected ecosystem at the recently held Huawei Development Day Philippines 2021. This is part of their quest to forge strategic partnerships with key industry players. 

Most noted partners include mpbile e-wallet GCash, telehealth KonsultaMD, and WishFM. 

"We are grateful for the trust and confidence our partners vest upon us. As Huawei aggressively expands its mobile services and product portfolio, it is fitting that we partner with top brands and companies here in the Philippines. Through these strategic partnerships, we get to hyperlocalize our efforts in catering to the need of our local customers. We are also glad that through our partnership, Filipino enterprises get to reach their intended audience and customers better in the highly digital new normal. We, together with our partners, are building and championing a more intelligent and interconnected world that makes seamless AI life possible," said George Li, Country Manager of Huawei Philippines- Consumer Business Group. 

The Department of Information and Communications (DICT) praised HUAWEI for its unwavering support when it comes to the Department's programs and projects which began in 2018. 

Aside from the Philippines, HUAWEI also has funding programs for app developments across the world and recently invested USD $1M in an honor awards program that recognizes app innovation in five regions: APAC, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, and China. Innovative apps that are included in Huawei's AppGallery includes those in gaming, fintech, and social impact.  

HarmonyOS 2: Next-Gen Operating System

One of the featured updates during The Huawei Developer Day 2021 Philippines is HarmonyOS 2 and Petal Nearby. 

Huawei has raised the bar level with its HarmonyOS 2 which was launched during the first half of 2021. "One as All, All as One" best fit HarmonyOS 2 as it has a wider ecosystem and has the capability to seamlessly connect the included products with each other. 

At the HDD event, Huawei announced four main breakthroughs for HarmonyOS 2: DecoupledOS and hardware, sharing capabilities between devices, smooth and low latency operation, and the DevEco Studio. Through its decoupled and modularized technology is distributed OS architecture, HarmonyOS can be flexibly deployed to various devices with distinct form factors and storage capabilities. The same technology enables formerly isolated capabilities such as display, camera, speaker, microphone, communications, sensor, and computing to be synergized seamlessly across multiple devices. 

It also addresses underperformance challenges with a Deterministic Latency Engine, which enables the system to have precise resource scheduling and real-time app prioritizing. This brings down response latency by 25.7 percent and latency fluctuation by 55.6 percent. 

Huawei also showcased its DevEco Studio which allows ICT professionals to develop tagged widgets and adaptive UI layouts. This rids the need for developers to redesign and rework structures as HarmonyOS makes their singular output compatible with various peripherals. 

Petal Nearby: Adventures Made Easier, Brought Closer

Petal Search has been a hallmark of the Huawei ecosystem since its launch at the Huawei Developer Conference 2020. It is now present in several types of devices, being used across 170 countries with 50-language iterations and 20 vertical categories. 

Huawei has observed a rapid change in user behavior in terms of search trends in recent years. From mere search queries, online users now clamor for more interactive options that satisfy the need for immediate information. To address this, Huawei has updated Petal Search to optimize it as a hub that connects all local services. This resulted in Petal Nearby.

Petal Nearby is a high-traffic portal that gives users access to all local services. Nearby portal brings together a wide selection of local businesses and services such as hotels, entertainment, attractions, education, food and drink, automotive and other local services, providing search efficiency and convenience. 

This update to Petal Search is also aimed at helping local businesses connect better with their immediate market in terms of proximity, which is crucial today as people lessen travel to areas outside of their cities. 

Filipino Huawei fans and tech enthusiasts may stream the Huawei Developer Day 2021 on the official Facebook page of AppGallery for more information on the HarmonyOS, Huawei Mobile Services and Ecosystem, Petal Nearby, and local and global business updates.


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