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Sunday, September 26, 2021

FedEx Gears Up To Empower SMEs in Asia Pacific

FedEx cements its presence in the Asia Pacific region by unveiling a series of new integrations with leading e-commerce technology that benefits e-commerce sellers especially the SMEs. 

This is also partly due to the change in consumer behavior that stems from the pandemic and fueled online transactions and e-commerce to new heights. The Asia Pacific region is generating nearly two-thirds of global e-commerce spending. Just as shoppers switched to purchasing online, so did most businesses. Retailer are increasing their investment and engagement in online channels to capture consumer demand, thus increasing demand for logistics support. 

FedEx is responding to the increasing needs from e-commerce businesses through the company's innovative Compatible and Alliances programs. These two programs enable e-retailers to gain instant access to enhanced and affordable shipping solutions, allowing them to sell effortlessly online.

Under the FedEx Compatible program, customers can generate FedEx shipping labels and use additional FedEx features, such as Express Shipping Services and International Shipping Documentation Service without leaving the e-commerce or marketplace platform. The Alliances program also allows partners in the ecosystem to offer their e-tailer customer direct access to FedEx services at favorable rates. 

"The e-commerce sector has only gotten stronger as a result of the pandemic, leapfrogging traditional commerce by as much as five times. As the holiday approaches, consumers are spending even more online. To help e-tailers tap the growing demand, we are making our services more accessible to e-tailers and SMEs globally," said Kawal Preet, President at Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa FedEx. "Our collaboration with leading e-commerce platforms is an important step toward building a robust e-commerce ecosystem where small businesses can enjoy the same services as large retail brands, thereby leveling the playing field. We look forward to collaborating with more like-minded partners to provide sustainable solutions at scale and further propel the entire e-commerce value chain."

Here's the link to FedEx Compatible program


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