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Sunday, May 6, 2018


This is ZenFone 5Q, one of ASUS Philippines latest smartphone which was recently launch last April. Along with the other ZenFone 5 line-up, the 5Q take is highlighted for its quad-camera smartphone.

It seems only yesterday when the world is agog with dual-camera smartphone but thru continuous innovation, gadget manufacturers such as ASUS, are trying to outdo and improve their line of mobile phone offering.

I've been using my phone camera to take photos of food, people, places actually, I use my phone most of the time instead of my huge DSLR so I am always on the lookout for the phone that has a great camera feature.

The ASUS ZenFone 5Q landed on my lap recently and I know that there's more to it than the camera so please do come back for the phone's other features because I'll add more reviews about the phone soon.

Here are some of the photos I took using ZenFone 5Q. The photos here are taken on auto-mode:

This is the first photo I took using the Zenfone 5Q and it was taken inside a moving car. It was a nice and hot summer afternoon so the sky looks clear and the surroundings, bright. Except for that small reflection, you wouldn't really know that this photo was taken inside a vehicle.

I love taking food photos (you can check my food blog here-- The Kitchen Goddess) and although I don't consider myself a professional food photographer, I do take decent food shots. This food photo here was taken at the famous Marugame Udon in Glorietta. What's noteworthy is how sumptuous the food appears and one can definitely imagine eating the beef and noodles. Even the small bubbles was captured in the photo.

Here's another interesting shot where there's that perfect blend of different brightness that comes from lightbulbs and natural light. The photo looks crisp and ready to pop out of the frame.

Taking sunset or dusk photo is tricky since it is hard to capture a shot with the exact same color as the sky. Most of those vivid shots that you see on the internet are captured using filters, unless of course those professional photographers with DSLRs. This shot, although on auto-mode captured the colors of the sky during sunset. I didn't adjust the screen brightness here. What do you think?

This photo was taken after sunset and the only light are what you see in the park. I didn't use flash here, I just tapped the screen to auto-focus (nor did I adjust the brightness also) and it made the scene brighter when I took the photo.


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