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Friday, May 4, 2018


Sometime early this year, I was lucky to use Fuji X-A3 during our trip to Hong Kong. It was my first time to use a mirrorless camera and it was such a far cry (weight-wise) from my heavy D3100.

Truth be told, although I love my D3100, it literally pains me to bring it whenever I go to events because of its weight and size. This Fuji X-A3 though is about 1/3 in terms of size and weight. The knobs are also friendly since I am already versed in SLR and DSLR.

For the past few years, mirrorless cameras seem to have taken over DSLRs not only in terms of functionality but more importantly, because it's lightweight- roughly 350g.

So what's a mirrorless camera? The most perfect and easy to understand definition that I've read on the web is that it is the marriage of a DSLR and a compact camera. While some of the explanations are a bit technical, it is safe to say that a mirrorless camera is a small camera (like a point-and-shoot) that has DSLR features and interchangeable lenses. Read more about it on --- What is a Mirrorless Camera?

Here are some of the pictures I took using Fuji X-A3. Let me warn you though that because we got lost in Stanley Market and ended up at the waterfront (that's another story), I wasn't in the mood to use the other settings of the camera except for the automatic setting. But the pictures turned out great, I think. You be the judge.

Got lucky with this Bride & Groom photo. My daughter and I were admiring the view when this couple arrived (along with their entourage of photographer and assistants) and climb the rocks just to get near the water and have their photos taken. Of course, I didn't waste time in doing a paparazzi shot. I love the bride's smile and how her eyes glow while looking at her groom!

I'm more of a cat-person but when I saw this huggable doggy, I can't resist not taking a photo. I also love that the dog's color seem to blend-in well with his surrounding. I think this photo would have been made more impact with a black-and-white filter. What do you think?

It took me several shots before I was able to capture this shot of waves against the rocks. The color of the sky was kinda downcast that day and there's even a hint of rain. Luckily, the reddish rocks and the white waves lent its color or the photo would've turned out boring.

A macro-shot of a stubborn weed growing between the rocks. This photo was taken by my daughter.

Positive notes about Fuji X-A3:

1. Lightweight. This is very important for me because I develop neck and shoulder pains whenever I use / carry my DSLR for long periods of time.
2. Compact. Size fits perfectly in my small bag.
3. Camera features. It's a mini version of the DSLR.
4. Wifi capability. I can easily transfer the photos on the camera to my phone.
5. Interchangeable lens. Aside from the kitlens, there are other lenses for this camera.

And here's my favorite model (a.k.a. daughter) tinkering with the Fuji X-A3.

Thank you to Fuji Philippines for lending me Fuji X-A3.


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