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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Cool & Comfy Bamboo Linen Bed Sheet

We just sleep-tested our bamboo linen sheets from Linen & Homes and we're loving it!

Prior to the bamboo linen sheet, we've been using cotton sheets that I bought from the mall years ago.  I was also gifted with woven bed sheets from Ilocos which I deemed too precious to use (face palm moment). Also, I haven't heard of bamboo sheets until recently. I am aware though of linen sheets, satin sheets, and the famous Egyptian linen sheets with 800 thread count which costs a fortune!

During our travels and staycations, I've already noted my favorite hotels based on how comfy their beds are including linens and pillows! You see, my family loves to sleep and we take pride in having a whole 8 hours of sleep every night. This is also true in having siesta, even when we travel. A friend and one of my constant travel buddy once commented that she can't believe that I prefer to take siesta instead of "touring" the place or going shopping the whole day.

Our bedroom at Century Park in Bangkok, Thailand

Here's what I got from Linen & Homes, a gray 4 pc Queen Sheet Set. The bed sheets comes in three color choices: White, Ivory, and Gray, and four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen and King. It also comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and 2 pillowcase.

So what's the big deal about bamboo linen bed sheets? Here are some of my discovery after sleep-testing the bamboo sheets:

1. Soft and satin-like. I was expecting a rough type of cloth texture but I'm amazed of how soft and satiny it feels. I mean, I've had the mistake of buying polyester bed sheets before and I assure you, it's not a comfortable sleeping experience. I also love the feel of soft pillowcase against my cheek when I sleep that I tend to bring one with me whenever I travel. Haha, I have this OC-ness of not trusting hotel pillowcase so I bring my own or should I forget to bring one, I place my own clean shirt on top of the pillow.

My bed at Cubic Pratunam Hotel in Bangkok. Lucky I brought my own pillowcase. ;)

2. Thin and light material. The material is thin and has a 300 thread count although it feels similar to the comfort I've felt when we were billeted in a luxurious hotel room. Thin is also synonymous with easy-to-laundry and fast-drying material. 

3. Breathable fabric. Now this is the best part for me because it really is a far cry from the cotton sheets that we've been using. And maybe it's serendipity that on the night that we used the sheets for the first time, there was a scheduled Meralco maintenance in our area and we didn't have electricity from 11:00pm to 4:00am. And had we been using our usual cotton sheets, it would definitely be drench in sweat during the course of five hours of no electricity even if we have our trusted rechargeable fan. No kidding, no "pawis" on the bed sheet and pillow.

My daughter's asleep in her comfy bed at Azalea Residences in Baguio City

4. Zen colors. I love how relaxing the choice of colors are. It is very easy to pair with any color of bedroom. You can also easily spot any dirt or whatnot on the bed so you can just flick it away.

5. Reasonably priced. The queen set costs only P4,000 although you may think that's expensive. But if you value comfort like me, get your calculator and divide P4000 with 365 days and you'll get roughly P10.95/comfy sleep a day- now that's a steal!

My only complain was, you really need to iron the sheets (and pillowcase) after washing it because the fabric are so soft it looks so wrinkled afterwards. Another complain, I think they should come up with more color choices like green, blue, or red, and maybe sell pillowcase only. *hint* *hint* 

And as the saying goes- "There's no place like home." Although in my case, it is- "nothing is more comfy than sleeping in your own bed and hugging your own pillow."

P.S. I haven't used the flat sheet yet since Manila is still experiencing a hot, hot summer. Will do so when the weather gets cooler and will post updates.

You can also purchase your own bamboo linen bed sheet at --- Linen & Homes.
Use the promo code: VIVAMANILENA to receive a 10% discount. Happy sleeping !!! :)


  1. I feel you, yung 700 thread count na nakita ko 15k. Hindi ko pa afford but just last week, I bought new bed sheets, white sheets naman para same sa hotel. It looks clean and neat. I like to sleep so I also invest in good quality pillows and bed sheets.

  2. We also usually use cotton linen sheets. Would love to try bamboo ones for a change. I had no idea those even existed!

  3. Oh okay. I remember back in my university years when some friends of mine told me I need not iron bed sheets. Quite a relief for a new "ironer" such as me. Maybe the sheets would settle on its own once you've set it on the mattress?


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