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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Clothes Shopping in Baguio

Baguio is famous for its cool climate, strawberries, hiking trails, ube jam, pine trees, vegetables, Baguio Cathedral, Pink Sisters, Good Shephered, and ukay-ukay and a whole lot more of other interesting places to visit and noms. But wait, if you are not into ukay-ukay then you'll surely enjoy our discovery last summer.

One of our discovery last year is this factory overruns store near Pink Sisters Chapel / Brent School in Baguio City. We just had lunch in Mamitas when we decided to walk back to the house that we're staying and we saw the sign (similar to the one pictured below). Okay, time to shop. ;)

We were expecting a store but saw this house instead. Actually, we got lost a bit because there's no signage near the house itself and it was after lunch that time and the street was empty. But we did eventually find it.

Do take note though that when you enter the place, you can't exit on the same door and have to go around the shop till you reach the cashier area and exit from there. So if you want to buy something again, you have to enter the shop all over.

There are a lot of choices for young and old, male and female. However, keep in mind that this is an overruns store so they might not have a lot of stocks of a particular design/brand, so if you happen to see something you like but feels undecided, its best to hold on to it.

Price ranges from less than a P100 to P350 (that's the most expensive tag price I saw). And the more you buy, you get additional discount for 5 or more items. It's best to bring a lot of moolah here since you're bound to find a lot of clothes to buy for you or your family. Or better yet, have a spending budget.

Daughter found some H&M, Forever 21, and Zara items. I think we paid around P600 for 5 items.

1 Yangco Street
Brent Road,
Baguio City


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