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Friday, May 18, 2018

Emborg Gives Tribute To The Amazing Moms on Mother's Day

A mother's love is infinite.

A mother nurtures her child in many ways, from the time her child is still in the womb and even up to the time when the child becomes an adult. She gives sustenance for the body and the soul. And in line with this, serving delicious and nutritious food is always a mother's top priority.

Emborg, one of the leading brand when it comes to dairy products recognizes the mother's role in giving nurturance to her child. Emborg products allows the mothers to prepare easy and delicious meals for their family.

With an array of dairy products such as Emborg Butters and Spreads, Natural Sliced Cheeses and Burger & Sandwich Slices, Shredded Cheese, Block Cheese, UHT Milks, Yogurt and Protein Shakes, mothers are assured that Emborg only offer the best quality ingredients for their dining table and kitchen.

And because Emborg really cares and know the love and sacrifice that a mother gives to her family especially her children, Emborg organized a special gathering of moms last Mother's Day at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center, the Emborg Amazing Mother's Day, which is an afternoon of fun and pampering for moms.

During the event, the moms were treated to endless sampling of Emborg products, they were also given mommy makeovers and massage services. The event also highlighted a cupcake making workship and the Emborg Cook-Off.

Mother's Day may be a once a year celebration but moms are truly every day special.


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