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Monday, August 31, 2015


by   智慧

Here are the things that I like in Kata i4

Camera: photo quality is good for picturing notes especially in my Chinese class. When zooming in, the words are very clear. I find that the camera is also nice when taking scenic views because you need not edit that much although for photos that includes people, it is clear as long as they are not moving. The front camera feature is cool also especially the "V" sensor.

Video: I like watching anime, kdramas and listening to music. The video quality from the streaming sites for anime and kdrama are good. Youtube is occasionally slow but then it depends on the length of the video and of the speed of the internet.

Taking video using the Kata i4 is also nice and the quality is good. However, there are times when my hand is shaky so I guess having a monopod is a must.

Games: Fast gameplay for emulators (ppspp and nds4droid) although it gets laggy whenever I play continuously for hours. For games like Cytus- smooth gameplay and nice sound quality even on headphones.

Sound: the quality is clear and for normal listening, you don't really need a speaker, just adjust the volume of the sound.

Battery Life: When playing, battery life is quickly consumed but if you will only use it for fb/ tumblr, and other social sites or use some apps, battery lasts for a day or two.

Storage: 32 GB is enough memory for about 4 psp games and 6 nds games and several photos and videos.


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