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Monday, August 31, 2015

Blue Coat Systems: A Proactive Approach to Incident Response

With today's advance technology, everyone is keen to have the best security system to prevent unscrupulous entities enter their systems. Its always important to be updated with your security network most especially for big companies such as banking and telcos.

Blue Coat protects your office system and it has a proactive approach so that glitches and other computer incidents such as hacking can be detected one step ahead. It also traces and records everything so it is easy to know where the problem came from and a solution will be implemented asap.

All logs of the system are recorded so there's a full capture of date by Blue Coat. Consumers and businesses are greatly affected by hackers especially if you don't have anything to protect your system. Blue Coat minimizes the loss of theft of breach in your system with several layers of protection.

Blue Coat is a hardware solution that can store up to several months of date and storage is also flexible. This is a small box that can be easily installed in your office or business system. This small box is about 2 ru in size. Blue Coat can also customize the security plan based on the customer's need.

Read more about Blue Coat here.


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