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Friday, May 1, 2015

Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2015: A Glimpse Of Motherhood and Pageant

Every woman has a story to tell and her life story becomes more interesting as soon as she becomes a "mother." Mrs. Philippines-Globe is not all about beauty, it is about the admirable strength of mothers to overcome the challenges that comes their way and discover who they really are.

I've been fortunate to meet and mingle with some of the candidates of Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2015 and I've witnessed the camaraderie, the faith and feistiness to beat the odds in their personal lives, and the hope and love their have for their family especially their children.

The candidates comes from all walks of life: some are housewives, office workers, hotel staff, entrepreneurs, a fitness instructor, and single moms. But they have all things in common and that is they are empowered mothers.

Although most of them said that they have supportive husbands (and family), some also encountered hesitancy from their husbands. There's the question of who will take care of the children and the family so for all the candidates, family is still their number one priority- win or lose.

The twenty candidates of Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2015 stayed at Camayan Beach Resort for three days. Some were lucky to have their families in tow while others, especially those candidates from Metro Manila have to contend themselves with text messages and phone calls from their families. There's even a couple of candidates whose husbands are OFWs and just came home to give their love and support. But then, there are also candidates who experienced being scoffed at by neighbors and friends simply because they joined the pageant. Luckily, these ladies are broad-minded and just shrugged off their detractors by saying- "You can't please everybody."

Having passed the rigorous screening, the candidates are all happy to have hurdled the first phase of the pageant which is the media presentation. Prior to the presentation, most admitted that they're nervous but they're happy to go back to their families after their three days stay the at resort. Being mothers, they missed their kids and family a lot.

The pageant will commence on June 20, 2015 at the Subic Bay Convention Center. In between preparing for the coronation night, the candidates are all looking forward to going back to their lives as homemakers, office workers, etc. Some even jokingly said that they'll go on a strict diet so that they'll have an enviable figure.

Jessie Lou Lucero, Mrs. Philippines-Globe Solane Mother of the Year 2013 admitted that she felt pressured to become a perfect mother when she started having children. There's the insecurity of not being able to do everything for her children. She's been a full time mom prior to the contest and aside from looking after the family, she also wanted to do something for herself. Having joined the Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2013 pageant opened doors for her when it comes to nurturing herself, her family and other people. She cherished the times when the pageant had activities like feeding programs and other charitable events. Her words for this year's candidates- "Make your family a priority, be nurturing, and put your heart into the things that you are doing."

For Janice Alop-Trillo, Mrs. Philippines-Globe 2014, she advice the candidates to simply enjoy being themselves during the pageant, accept themselves and don't think that it's hard to be yourself. And because its almost Mother's Day, her message for mothers is- "Empower yourself and that there's life aside from being married. Follow your dreams."

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  1. Ohhh you are sooo sweet to have posted this too. Maraming salamat po...I'll go tell the girls about this post. Thank you

  2. Thanks so much for this post! Truly , it was a wonderful experience to be with these gorgeous , empowered women and it has been a blessing to be an inspiration to others ;-) again, salamat po.

  3. Go candidate Number 16! Ms. Roscel Tala ;-)

  4. hi!would like to ask how can i join in this pageant i am a mother too....maybe next year na lang cguro since they started the pageant's my no. 09152499114/09214736367

    1. Hi there. You can visit the FB Page of Mrs. Philippines Globe and inquire from there. Goodluck!

  5. Check po. Good luck!

  6. I'm rooting for candidate # 6!! Go Mrs. Joann Rosales!! :)


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