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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Legacy of Sculptor Isabelo Tampinco

Vibal Foundation and the National Museum pays tribute to The Life and Art of Isabelo Tampinco by Dr. Santiago Albano Pilar with a special coffee table book. The book explores not only the life but the works (sculptures) of Tampinco and the influences that molded his particular style.

Being one of Philippine's greatest masters when it comes to sculpture, Vibal Foundation and the National Museum gave tribute to Tampinco last August 22, 2014. The author, who dedicated more than a decade of research into the sculptor's life and works, shared with the members of the press and special guests of the importance of revisiting the country's past in order for us to develop a national identity.

"Revisiting our past does not simply mean unlocking deep, dark secrets of how our country and our people used to be," said Dr. Pilar. "It is a rediscovery of our rich cultural heritage and through hundreds of forgotten master artists, such as Isabelo Tampinco, an exquisite part of our heritage lives on which allows us to shape our society today."

A special video screening entitled Estilo Tampinco was also shown. It chronicles the rediscovery of the forgotten masters who's works are even a part and at the very core of the National Museum. (note: you need to allot a day to visit the museum so that you can rediscover it for yourself).

During the launch, Dr. Pilar also mentioned art collectors Mrs. & Mrs. Ernie Salas and Don Conrado Escudero for keeping the legacy of Tampinco alive with their collections.

Coincidentally, Mr. Salas related that he and his wife came across the works of Tampinco by accident. Or more like, they're just being practical because when they started collecting, a Luna or an Amorsolo really costs  fortune. And thanks to his wife's critical eye, they zeroed in on Tampinco. Mr. & Mrs. Salas are also the owner of Gallery Genesis.

The Life and Art of Isabelo Tampinco will be available at National Bookstore, Fully Booked, PowerBooks and other major bookstores nationwide.

Here are some of Isabelo Tampinco's works which can be found in the National Museum. There's a gallery solely dedicated to the lovely works of Tampinco.


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