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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

SALE FINDS: Florent FitFlop

I have a love affair with FitFlop ever since I bought my first pair, a Pietra (pewter) some years back. Aside from being a stylish footwear, it is also very comfortable and sturdy. A bit expensive compared to other footwear but it's worth every cent.  

This lovely Florent here however is a sale find. Yey! I think I fell in love with the rose! I guess I've been really hooked on Game of Thrones. Hahaha

I was looking for an Ibiza FitFlop when the sales staff at ResToeRun pointed the sales rack to me and showed me this lovely pair upon checking my size. So its love-at-first-sight and its on sale and that sealed the deal. Sale price is P1,700 versus the original SRP of almost 4k. Not bad. 

I'm still using my Pietra till now and an AllStar. :)


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