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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Meet The Vitress Ambassadors

The hair is considered as a woman's crowning glory thus, women strive to have beautiful hair. Alas, that is not always easy to achieve especially nowadays when the environment is not that cooperative and with the many activities that women have. Luckily, there's Vitress. And with the right variant, you can easily score a sexy-beautiful hair whenever, wherever!

And what do "It" girls have in common? They walk with confidence, intrigue with style, and captivate everyone with their gorgeous, flowing hair. Vitress, the country's number one hair cuticle coat and hair polish, is proud to partner with three powerful Filipinas who are able to do just that. Presenting, the Vitress Ambassadors:


Solenn Heussaff is a sought after talent after her stint at a reality TV show. She proved her acting prowess when she was nominated for the Gawad Urian. She is not just a beautiful face but a force to contend with, especially in the acting scene. Having long flowing locks is a bit hard to maintain as she needs to constantly blow-dry her hair when she entered showbiz. It did more damage than good to her hair. "Aside from regular treatments at the salon, I use Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat before and after blow-drying or cutting my hair to protect it and add extra shine," Solenn said.

Solenn's Hair Tips: "I use the Vitress Solenn Cuticle Coat which I co-designed every day. After I shower and while my hair is damp, I put a small amount to make it easier to comb. Once my hair is dry, I add a few more drops to boost shine. I also apply it when my hair's in a ponytail to hide the baby hair that sticks out."


Kim Jones, a TV host, model and blogger is pampered when it comes to having a glam squad to take care of her hair needs. However, when she's not on the set, Vitress helps in making her strands look sexy-beautiful. "It's one of my favorite products to keep with me when I'm shooting for my blog and there's no hairstylist or when I'm running around town doing errands," she said.

Kim's Hair Tips: "Honestly, I prefer low-key regime when it comes to my hair. After I wash my hair, I just warm a few drops of Vitress Hair Repair Cuticle Coat in between my hands. It's easy enough for me to do and it's effective. It's my secret weapon to keeping my hair sleek and in place. The bottles are the perfect size to throw in your handbag, too."


Gretchen Ho, the star of the volleyball court is known for her humble demeanor and laidback style thus, endearing her more to her fans. "I'm happy and grateful to be chosen as one of the newest endorsers of Vitress. I've been using this product for my hair problems and it is such a delight that I get to share this hair secret with everyone now," she said.

Gretchen's Hair Tips: "With my active and on-the-go lifestyle, it is very important to have a quick solution. On normal days, I apply the Vitress Sun Protect Hair Polish to protect my hair. When I have a game, I use the Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat to keep my baby hair in place with my ponytail. For shoots, the Vitress Heat Protect Cuticle Coat keeps my hair shiny and healthy, too."


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