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Friday, June 27, 2014

Oriental Brushstrokes by Ceasar Cheng

From July 1- 31, 2014 Chef Jessie Rockwell Club plays host to Ceasar Cheng's brushstroke exhibition.

Hailed for his realistic and fluid strokes, Ceasar Cheng's brushstrokes echoes the essence of the Lingnan School Tradition of Chinese Painting. This style of brushstroke is elegant and dynamic and makes the painting lively because it looks two-dimensional compared with the Traditional Brushstroke painting method.

 Ceasar Cheng or Lao Shr as he is fondly called nowadays learned to paint when he was in high school. He spent his summer years learning brushstroke painting at the Liberty Hall in Chinatown. He learned from the best Traditional Painting masters who came from Taiwan- Liang Chung Ming, Liang Siu Chung and Wen Bi Ing.

He enjoyed painting so much that soon it became a hobby. In the 1070's, he studied Lingnan Tradition of Painting under the tutelage of Master Hau Chiok.

Lao Shr Cheng is also the founding member of the International Studies for Chinese Art., Inc. He is currently teaching chinese Painting at the Confucius Institute in Ateneo de Manila University and conducts workshops at Fully Booked in BGC.

For more details, you may call Chef Jessie Rockwell Club at 890-6543 or 890-7630. Chef Jessie Rockwell Club is located at Amorsolo Square, Rockwell Center, Makati City.


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