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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tokidoki Creator Simone Legno Live In Manila

What's a Tokidoki?

Tokidoki refers to the cute characters made by Simone Legno. And there are about a hundred characters of Tokidoki and some of the popular ones are SANDy, Adios, Stellina (Unicorno), and Donutella. These whimsical, fantastical, kawaii Tokidoki characters all propped up from the magical mind of Simone Legno.

During his teens, Simone Legno visited Japan and fell in love with the people, the way of life, and everything Japanese. Coincidentally, Tokidoki is a Japanese word that means, "sometimes."

Some of his "art" has that Asian-vibe so it's no wonder that Tokidoki is commonly mistaken as a Japanese brand.

SM Supermalls heralds in the summer fun with an extra splash of color as it celebrates Tokidoki in The City at SM City North Edsa. Guests were given a chance to attend the meet-and-greet the famous Italian Artist and Creative Director of Tokidoki.

Simone Legno, the Tokidoki creator gamely poses for the camera. Some of the guests were not even aware that he already arrived since he seem to blend in well with the crowd. ;)

We (including Simone Legno) all watched a short video of the Tokidoki artist.

Sanya Smith, the lucky host of the event was even starstrucked and forgot some of her lines. But then, we forgive you girl. Even on our seats, we can't help but sigh and wish that it was us (and not you) who is right beside Simone Legno. Okay, I'm in a fangirl-mode! :D

There's also a pop-up store of Tokidoki items including a special edition Philippine shirt. Proceeds from the store will be given to Typhoon Yolanda survivors. Grazie Signor Legno!

Here's a design-your-own Adios character with sharpie pens. Isabel loves sharpies!

SM Premier Division Vice President Steven Tan with Simone Legno. 

"Tokidoki is the hope, the hidden energy that everyone has inside, giving us the strength to face a new day and dream about something positive that something magical will happen to us."- Simone Legno

He explained that one of the characters in cactus friends was inspired by a "real" cactus in Italy which he said look like bunnies. That's how creative he is. 

Saab Magalona during the Q&A with Simone Legno. 


- Simone Legno used to play with a band called- Happy Noise
- He just sent a box of his characters to Le Sportsac and the rest is history
** He has another collaboration with Le Sportsac that will soon be out in the market

Adios, one of the Tokidoki characters poses in front of the Collector's Hall where different Tokidoki merchandise are on display including "Karl Lagerfeld."

Ashley Gosiengfiao can't resist having her photo taken with Adios and Simone Legno.

He also signed Tokidoki items including my Le Sportsac.

Actually, he not only signed it but drew SANDy as well. Yey !!!

Isabel also had her Hello Kitty Tokidoki signed and had her photo taken with Simone Legno. :D

Blogger Cecile Van Straten of also had her Chanel bag signed. Hi Cecile! :)


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