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Friday, May 24, 2024

Jollibee Group Strengthens Partnership with Lamb Weston and McCain Foods

Jollibee Group place importance on its commitment to sustainable business practices and recognizes the need to partner with suppliers who share the same vision such as Lamb Weston and McCain Foods. 

McCain Foods specializes in fries and other potato products. This Canada-based company is the reliable supplier of Jollibee Group and works closely with 3,500 farmers to reimagine a more sustainable way to grow potatoes. 

Farms of the Future supports farmers in adopting regenerative agricultural practice that includes conserving water, minimize fertilizer usages, and enhance soil health. These efforts contribute to its inclusive goal of empowering its farmers to face threats in the global food system, such as climate change, soil degradation, biodiversity loss, and food waste. 

McCain Foods aims to further its commitment to responsible sourcing by operating three Farms of the Future in different growing regions on top of its locations in Canada and South Africa by 2025. This project is one of several initiatives that helped place McCain Foods at the 55th rank in the 2023 Food and Agricultural Benchmark. The Food and Agricultural Benchmark is part of the World Benchmarking Alliance, which provides an essential tool for measuring and comparing corporate performance with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It measures and ranks 350 keynote companies- from farm to fork- on key issues underpinning the food systems transformation agenda. 

For its part, Lamb Weston, a global producer and processor of frozen potato products, and one of JG's longtime potato suppliers, has comprehensive sustainability goals focused on food, people and the planet. 

One of its banner initiatives is its Sustainable Agriculture program which continuously improves its processes, adopts the latest equipment and technology, and shares the best practices with its growers. Before introducing them to its growers, Lamb Weston recently piloted its technologies and practices in 100 Circles Farm- its 20,000-acre farm in Paterson, Washington USA. With this, the company can better understand the opportunities and challenges that the farmers encounter. Lamb Weston has also invested in soil research and technologies, believing that healthy soil is the key to climate resiliency and long-term productivity. 

As the Jollibee Group continues to expand globally, it will bolster its partnership with global suppliers that share its commitment to sustainability as aligned with the company's global sustainability agenda called Joy for Tomorrow

The Jollibee Group launched Joy for Tomorrow to integrate its sustainable business practices into a more cohesive framework that unites the entire organization and guides its engagement with stakeholders and partners.


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