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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

LG Philippines and National Museum of the Philippines Celebrates 140 Years of Spolarium with LG OLED AI TVs

It was a momentous for LG Philippines and the National Museum of Fine Arts, as they joined hands to bring Philippine 'art' closer to the people with an enhanced interactive experience provided by LG OLED AI TVs. 

"At LG, supporting the arts and culture is an integral part of what we do," said Mr. Nakhyun Seong. "We are honored to collaborate with the National Museum of Fine Arts for the 140th anniversary of the masterpiece 'Spolarium' by Juan Luna. Through our donation this National Heritage Month, we hope that more people will be able to enjoy the enhanced interactive experience and offer visitors a deeper understanding and appreciation of Luna's significant work and its historical context." 

This partnership between LG Philippines and the National Museum of the Philippines is a testament to their commitment to support cultural heritage and promote the arts. The announcement was made during the special event held at the National Museum of Fine Arts. 

"The installation of LG OLED AI TVs illuminates the artistic legacy of the National Museum of Fine Arts. The partnership between LG and the museum signifies a synergy between cutting-edge technology and timeless artistry. LG is committed to the National Museum of the Philippines and its causes in the arts, aiming to foster greater appreciation and accessibility to cultural heritage," added Seong. 

LG Philippines donated a total of six LG OLED AI TVs to the National Museum of Fine Arts, and was received by Director-General Jeremy Barns. "It's a challenge for the National Museum today to make museums accessible to the modern generation. The addition of LG OLED AI TVs will greatly enhance our ability to engage visitors and provide them with enriching experiences." 

"It's a privilege for our TVs to be an integral part of your lives," said Mr. Yongwoo Park, LG Product Director for Home Entertainment. "Our Home Entertainment vision- 'Sync to You, Open to All' - is guiding how our TVs are becoming windows into different experiences. With your partnership, we're continuing our OLED leadership, now in our 11th year. It is our commitment to continue to break new grounds, to push the boundaries of entertainment."

Meanwhile, Angelica Dumlao, Product Manager for TV explained the features of LG OLED AI TVs 2024 lineup. "The Alpha11 AI Processor offers four times the performance of its predecessor, allowing LG OLED AI TVs to recognize users and personalize experiences according to their preferences. The event also showcased LGs QNED TVs, known for their vibrant colors and exceptional brightness, as well as LG Soundbars essential for elevating the surround sound experience."

Gretchen Ho, TV host and cinephil expressed her admiration for the LG OLED AI B4. "As a cinephile, having LG OLED AI B4 is like having a cinema experience right in your home. Whenever I see my documentaries and movies on the screen, the colors are so vibrant and the details are so clear, it feels like I'm still immersed in my travels. And it's not just about the movies- even regular TV shows and streaming content look amazing. The deep blacks and vibrant colors really make everything pop. LG OLED AI B4 truly brings our the best in every film and video, making it perfect for both movie nights and everyday viewing."

Other LG enthusiast guests includes Drew Arellano, Bianca Yao, and Mikee Reyes. 

Aside from being a renowned TV personality, Drew Arellano is also a devoted family man and it is not surprising to hear him marvel at LG OLED AI TVs cutting-edge technology and admiration for features like AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro. "For me, as a family man, LG OLED AI TVs are more than just cutting-edge technology; they're a gateway to unforgettable moments shared with loved ones."

For Bianca a.k.a. Biancake, an avid gamer who shared her enthusiasm for LG OLED AI C4 which she said is perfect for gaming enthusiast, "For us gamers, OLED is the number one TV in gaming. The LG OLED AI C4s gaming capabilities really set it apart. The low input lag and fast response time ensure a seamless gaming experience, making it a favorite among gamers like myself. It gives me next-level gaming experience with ultimate speed, and real-time response for an easy way to win." Bianca highlights the advanced features of LG OLED evo AI G4 and C4, noting their support for 4K 144Hz and NVIDIA g-SYNC, which elevate the gaming experience. 

Mikee Reyes, a sportscaster, highlights the exceptional features of LG QNED AI TV. "My next-level screen delivers vibrant colors and detailed picture quality from any angle." He also highlighted how the TVs vibrant colors and detailed picture quality enhance the viewing experience, especially for sports enthusiasts like myself. With its enhanced contrast and brightness, comparing it to a thrilling game day experience at home. He also appreciated the convenience of the Sports Alert feature and its Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies for delivering rich colors and advanced motion handling, ensuring clearer and smoother viewing of fast-paced sports. Lastly, he lauded the sleek design, noting its slim profile and compatibility with ultra-big screens, such as the new 98" QNED, which offers an expansive viewing experience ideal for a home theatre setup. 

For her closing remarks, LG Philippines Head of Corporate Marketing Ms. Mayan Salapantan, emphasized LG's commitment to integrating advanced technology with timeless art to enhance cultural experiences. She expressed pride in supporting initiatives that bring people together, spark creativity, and promote education, aligning with LGs brand promise of "Life's Good" and brand mission of creating a better life for all through smart life solutions. 

At LG, providing the latest innovation and superb experiences is what matters. LG Electronics Philippines delivers consumer electronics through top-of-the-line home entertainment appliances that prepare Filipinos for their greatest moments. LG promises to bring "Innovation for a Better Life" nationwide- from Luzon to Visayas, to Mindanao.


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