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Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Cat-approved Goodest

Did you know that cats are picky-eaters, too? 

These independent felines tend to be snobbish but once you win their affection, then they are yours for life. Of course, one such way of winning that coveted feline love and loyalty is thru the stomach. And most of the time, if the cat didn't fancy the food that you are offering, they will not eat it. 

Goodest is one of the newest cat food brand in the market and it offers the right nutrition and at a-fur-dable prices, too. 

It is formulated by expert chemist and vets so that pet owners are assured that the product is not just of highest quality but with the specific needs of cats in mind also. What's more, Goodest also conforms with the international standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials, which establishes the standard ingredient definitions and nutritional requirements for pet food. 

Goodest is formulated for cats of all ages- meaning, it can be enjoyed by kittens, adult or senior cats. Even lactating cats can benefit from Goodest also. It is an all-in-one package that has complete and balanced nutrition that helps develop strong immunity in cats as well as keep them active, alert, and healthy. Goodest is made with real, natural, and nutritious ingredients- loaded with Vitamin E, DHA or omega-3 fatty acid, zinc, and quality protein. 

Your pet can have its choice from Goodest's delicious trio of flavors: Tender Tuna, Meaty Mackerel, and Chicken Chomp. Chicken Chomp has real chicken meat, tuna, and beef liver while Meaty Mackerel is made of tuna, sardines, and mackerel. And of course, Tender Tuna has all that quality tuna. Any one of those variants will have your cat scraping off the bowl and asking for seconds. 

With Goodest, your beloved pet cat can always satisfy his/her cravings. And did you know that Goodest is manufactured locally? It is available nationwide and is consistently in stock- whenever your furry-friend wants it. 

A pack of Goodest is only P26.16 (SRP) so you bet that your pet cat is kept healthy and well-fed, and will not create a dent on your pocket. 

Goodest is also available via Shopee and Lazada and in leading pet stores and grocery stores nationwide. 


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