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Friday, August 6, 2021

XTREME Cool Portable Aircon for Your Home

The Philippines has only two seasons- summer and rainy, but for us Filipinos, rainy season is not an assurance that weather will be cool especially for those living in the city. An air-condition unit is a must-have if you want to feel and look fresh. 

With this in mind, XTREME Appliances has come up with several choices of air-conditioning units for your home that caters to different needs and preferences of each family. In line with this, XTREME Appliances has just launched its latest cooling unit- the XTREME Cool Portable Airconditioner. 

Here are 4 reasons why it is cool to have a portable air-con:

1. Easy and convenient to use in any part of the house. Of course, you and your family need not stay the whole day in one room because you can just push (it has wheels!) or carry it in which part of the house you want to spend some time. Another factor is the auto-restart feature of XTREME Cool Portable Aircon that will start cooling at the same settings should there be a power outage. 

2. Reasonably priced and perfect for small spaces. This is definitely a space saver that you can even hide under the table when not in use. And yes, it is not heavy on the pocket. The 1.0HP EXTREME Cool Portable Aircon is only P16,995 while the 1.5HP XTREME Cool Portable Aircon is P17,995. Aside from that, you also get to save on electricity because it has a "strong wind" feature that is a good and energy-saving feature. 

3.  No need to install. Being portable, the XTREME Cool Portable Aircon will easily fit in any corner or even middle of the house, and on the floor so no need to create a hole or ask your maintenance guy to fix a space on your wall as you would a regular type of aircon. 

4. Aesthetically pleasing design. Its icy-white color will easily blend-in and is perfect for modern living. Of course, quality is not compromised as well since that is what XTREME Appliances is known for.


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