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Sunday, August 15, 2021

HealthNow: FREE Doctor's Consultation on August 20

HealthNow is marking its 1st anniversary by giving back to the community. It will give FREE video teleconsultation and medicine deliveries for registered users.

Dubbed "HealthDay" which is scheduled on August 20, HealthNow members can enjoy free "Consult Now" sessions with general practitioners, as well as free "Consult Later" bookings with specialists of high-demand medical fiends. These include Pediatrics, OBY-GYN, Dermatology, and many more. Users can also enjoy free shipping and free Vitamin C on all medicine delivery orders. 

"As we continue to adapt to the ever-changing landscapes brought on by the global pandemic, we understand that consumers are looking for better ways to access their essentials, and health is certainly among their top considerations today," said Susana Beatriz Latay, HealthNow CEO. "As we celebrate our first year, we recognize that we could not have gotten this far without our customers. That is why we also wanted this chance to give back for their support and patronage through the HealthDay promo."

HealthNow, a product of the collaboration between Globe's 917Ventures and AC Health, is a mobile app that delivers a hassle-free experience in helping patients receive the medical help they need from the comfort of their homes. 

With several cities across the country placed in quarantine, users can still enjoy the convenience and flexibility through HealthNow, as they are given the option of consulting a doctor anytime, anywhere via video, getting an e-prescription, and buying their pharmacy needs for same-day delivery. 

Soo, they can easily book home service appointments for diagnostic tests and have their lab results interpreted online. 

HealthNow app is available in App Store and Google Play. 




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