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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Live Your World, First Online Acer Day 2021: A Success

The pandemic has kept most of us confined to our homes but that doesn't mean that Acer Day 2021 won't be as much fun as when it was a physical event. 

With the theme- Live Your World, Acer ambassadors Sarah Geronimo, Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, and SB19 represented the Philippines during the first ever online Acer Day concert. 

The concert was part of Acer Day 2021 celebration which was virtual free event that was streamed live across 10 regions with rewards, promotions, and gifts for consumers and Acer fans. It was a resounding success, with five trending topics on Twitter coming from the said event including the No. 1 hashtag, #SB19ForAcer! 

Other guests and talents from the Pan-Asia Pacific who performed includes: Taiwanese singer, songwriter and record producer GBOYSWAG; Malaysian singer-songwriter Aina Abdul; Thai artist Earth Patravee; Indonesia pop heartthrob Prince; and Vietnamese rapper-songwriter VP Ba Vuong.

Sarah Geronimo and the other five international artists performed the song- "Live Your World" which also happens to be the Acer Day 2021 theme.

Full version of Sarah G. singing "Live Your World"

"We are very proud of Sarah, Kathryn, Daniel, and SB19 because they truly represent the new generation of Filipino artists who can captivate audiences and transcend barriers online as well as they can on a stage with a live audience in front of them. This is the message of Acer Day 2021, that no one can be constrained by the challenges we are facing right now," said Manuel Wong, General Manager of Acer Philippines. 

"The theme "Live Your World" was chosen because it draws inspiration from the belief that all of us can make the best of any situation and continue to live our lives, no matter where we are and what constraints we are under. Technology has broken barriers and enabled people to stay connected even more," said Andrew Hou, President of Acer Pan-Asia Pacific. 

To make things more exciting for fans of the Filipino artists performing at the concert, Acer Philippines enjoined them to tweet with their corresponding fandom hashtags: #SarahGForAcer, #KathNielForAcer, and #SB19ForAcer from August 7-8, 2021. By answering the question- 'How You Live Your World?' on their public Twitter accounts with the hashtags #LiveYourWorldWithAcer and #AcerDay2021, the corresponding fan group hashtags stood a chance to win a laptop from Acer!

Another opportunity to win the laptop was by watching out for the post on Acer's Twitter page during the set of Sarah Geronimo, KathNiel, and SB19 at the Acer Day online concert. Fans could then retweet it with their answers to the challenge question presented on the post and use the hashtags #LiveYourWorldWithAcer #AcerDay2021 and the corresponding fan group hashtags. 

In celebration of Acer Day 2021, Acer's Learn-from-Home promo is also extended until August 15 2021! Get up to P8,000 off and a FREE Acer Tablet when you buy participating laptops, monitors, and projects on Acer's eCommerce Store. 

Also, fans could snag a deal by tuning in to Acer Day 2021 concert where the discount code: ACERDAY2021 was flashed on screen. The code a P3,000 discount on notebooks and desktops when you shop at the Acer PH Online Store from August 7 until August 8, 11:59pm.


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