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Monday, December 3, 2018

LifeScience Institute Introduces Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a revolutionary evidenced-based approach that enables a person to focus on their health as a preventive measure before getting sick.

According to the Department of Health (DOH), 3 out of 10 Filipinos die before reaching 70 from non-communicable diseases and are greatly influenced by lifestyle factors.

Through the F1 Plus Program, DOH is intent on addressing the health needs of Filipinos by equipping them with suitable knowledge that will make them take care of their health by embracing  healthy living and lifestyle.

With this in mind, ROMLAS Health Group (RHG) which pioneered Functional Medicine in the country is also committed to help Filipinos be more concerned about their health through change in lifestyle, as a preventive means to getting sick.

"Chronic diseases are among the biggest healthcare challenges in the country today, and we believe that functional medicine is vital in helping address these. Our focus is on the fundamental causes of health concerns, and advocating healthier ways of living such that the approach is more preventive than reactive," said Michael Genato, Group CEO of RHG. "Instead of viewing health problems based on symptoms, functional medicine treats the entire body, instead of just one organ relating to a particular symptom. This way, we are able to fully assess one's state of health and identify areas that need to be addressed. It's not about stopping symptoms from recurring, but identifying the root cause of these issues and eliminating them at a much deeper level."

RGH established LifeScience Institute which is dedicated to equip medical practitioners with the right knowledge, skills, and mindset to appreciate Functional Medicine.

The institute provides training and medical education for both health practitioners and patients on the right way of assessment and management of chronic health conditions. This also includes nutrition and lifestyle, microbiome, and toxic exposure.

LifeScience also help improve the rapport between doctor and patient. 

With Functional Medicine as a tool, Global Medical Technologies which is a part of RHG provides the most up-to-date medical technologies such as functional diagnostics, vitamin and nutrient supplements, and medical platforms. GMT also acts as a bridge between partners and suppliers to create an end-to-end supply network to ease patient compliance and practitioner access. 


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