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Friday, December 28, 2018

Lip Balms All Year Round

Being a tropical country, Filipinos experience drastic change in weather from dry to wet and most of the time and that takes a toll on the skin. This is one reason why Filipinos are so into moisturizers and lip balms.

This is very timely because the month of December till February brings in the cold winds from the North so most of us suffer from chapped lips. The lips has a tendency to dry out in dry or cold weather and even becomes cracked. Using lip balm protects the lips from dry or cold weather, and helps seal the moisture in the lips.

Gemz Lip Balm has exciting variants to choose from especially this holiday season. It comes in Citrine Lemon, Emerald Pineapple, and Mint Zircon.

Gemz Lip Balm are paraben and petrolatum free, it has Vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil that helps achieved healthy, smooth, and well-moisturized lips.  This is not sticky nor tastes wax-y as compared to other brands. The cute packaging also makes it easy to put inside a small purse or even the pocket.

With Gemz different variants, one is assured of getting the right "flavor" that one is looking for in a lip balm. If you are into the fruity kind, there's Emerald Pineapple, Citrine Lemon, Blueberry Amethyst, Ruby Strawberry, and Peach Moonstone. Of course, there's always the relaxing Mint Zircon.

Gemz Lip Balms are available at BEAUTY(dot)MNL.


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