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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Neltex, The Leading Authority In Solving Major Pipeline Problems

Typhoons in our country and even in other parts of the world have been more turbulent as compared decades ago and this brings not only storm surges that cause flooding but major destruction as well.   Experts attribute this to climate change and rapid urbanization. Also, flood damage sewer pipes, water pipes and even underground electrical pipes. Health concerns is a major issue especially when it comes to busted pipes because germs and other wastes might seep into water pipes.

And in line with this, Neltex offers a solution to major pipeline problems. Their PVC Neltex Pressureline Pipe with machine-installed fixed seal solution leaves no margin for error.

Concrete pipes used in major infrastructures years ago are likely unable to adapt to climate and environmental changes. These are likely to experience corrosion due to the hydrogen sulfide present in waste water. Changing this to the chemically-resistant PVC Pipes of Neltex is a great solution.

Here's an interesting bit especially for someone with limited knowledge about pipes. Blue-colored ones are water pipes; the dark orange ones are for waste; and the orange ones are the electrical pipes. Please see photo below.

Neltex also developed the six-meter long PVC Neltex Sewerguard Pipe with Sewerlock Seal that ensures fast installation and less jointing.

With rapid urbanization in mind as well as climate change, Neltex also highlights its modified PVC Powerguard Pipes joined together by means of a fixed seal technology called the Powerlock that renders the pipes to be 100% waterproof and airtight.

Neltex pipes are also certified HMF heavy metal free. This means that this is safe to handle even without gloves as it doesn't contain lead and other harmful elements. This is in compliance to Global Safety Standards.

Neltex Development Corporation never stops to develop pipes that respond to the needs of the times because a pipe, after all, is an important component of life in the modern society. To know more about Neltex, please visit- 


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